UVU School of Education Endorsement Programs

The graduate offerings in the UVU School of Education include programs that will help teachers with the Utah State Board of Education (USBE) required coursework that is needed to apply for endorsements to their existing Utah Teaching License.  The endorsement programs are offered in partnership with school districts across the state of Utah.  

The following endorsement programs are available to teachers in local school districts that have partnered with the UVU School of Education to offer the USBE required coursework leading to these endorsements.  The UVU courses listed under each endorsement have been approved by the Utah State Board of Education and meet their requirements for that endorsement.

Teachers who complete all required coursework and earn an endorsement in Educational Technology, Elementary Mathematics, Elementary STEM, English as a Second Language, Gifted Education, or Reading I can apply up to 12 of the credits towards the Master of Education degree at UVU.

For more information about how you can locate and enroll in classes for one of these programs, please contact Nathan Criman, UVU Endorsement Program Coordinator, by calling 801-863-7614 or sending an email to: .

Dual Language Immersion

People reading at a table.Learn more

Educational Technology

Child using a tablet device.Learn more

Elementary Mathematics

Photo of Math times tables.Learn more

Elementary STEM

STEM abstract statue.Learn more

Gifted and Talented

Students in a classroom listening to their teacher.Learn more


English as a Second Language

Child reciting from a book.Learn more

Master of Education Endorsements

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Upon completion of the required coursework, teachers can access the Utah State Board of Education Endorsement Application webpage and apply for the endorsement.  For information on coursework leading to a secondary endorsement in a specific content area, contact the subject department.

Endorsement Sites / Partner Districts

Schools and school districts that are interested in partnering with UVU to offer these endorsement classes should contact Nathan Criman, Endorsement Program Coordinator by calling 801 863-7614 or emailing him at: .