Mission Statement

The mission of the Adult Learner Initiative is to promote an accessible, flexible, and proactively supported adult learner experience that is intentionally designed to promote retention and completion.

Strategic Focus

At present, there are three primary strategic focus areas within the Adult Learner Initiative: Student Support, Credit for Prior Learning, and Faculty Support, with crucial partnerships that support each area.

Diagram showing the areas the Adult Learner Initiative is focusing on, including student and faculty support, and credit for prior learning

Student Support

This strategic area of focus deals almost exclusively with the availability of student-facing adult learner support services including timely information, programs and events, and student coaching seeking to empower students with the ability to set and reach personal, academic, and career goals, and support them as they navigate personal and systemic barriers throughout.

Credit for Prior Learning

This strategic area of focus as a part of the Adult Learner Initiative is presently categorized into the adoption, development, administration, and tracking of prior learning assessment opportunities and results for students. UVU is in compliance with Utah HB45 (2019) and Utah Board of Higher Education Policy R472, and in alignment with research confirming the value of CPL for adult learners (CAEL/WICHE, 2019) by its offering of opportunities for students to receive credit for their prior learning.

Faculty Support

This strategic area of focus encompasses a variety of support offerings for faculty champions as they respond to the needs of adult learners in areas such as prior learning assessment development, adult learner-friendly course scheduling, including alternate credentials within program curriculum, developing highly navigable graduation pathways, and professional development.


This strategic area of focus consists of developing and maintaining relationships with campus and community stakeholders in the success of adult learners. The Senior Director of the Adult Learner Initiative serves on several campus-level student success committees and task forces to represent the needs of adult learners and to make and strengthen partnerships on their behalf.

Meet the Team

Photo of the team members of the Adult Learner Initiative

Leadership Team

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