What is the Adult Learner Initiative?

In alignment with Vision 2030, Completion Plan 3.0, and the recommended areas of focus in the Adult Learner Student Success Plan developed by a 2020 Adult Learner Task Force, a campus-wide Adult Learner Initiative commenced in 2022. The mission and initial strategic focus areas of the initiative that follow are informed by recommendations from the 2020 task force, administrative priorities, and available resources.

Image of a student in a study room

Credit for Prior Learning

A student studying on campus
Utah Valley University offers credit for prior learning (CPL) to enable students to enrich or accelerate their programs of study. CPL is inclusive and validates the prior learning of students, making education more affordable and accessible.
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Adult Learner Support Services

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UVU Offers a variety of resources to aid all students in successfully navigating their college experience.
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Student Assessment Services

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UVU provides a full-service testing center that provides accommodative testing, placement and department testing, and professional credential exams.
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