dropcap letter "u" he Utah Valley University (UVU) CARE Hub serves as a vital source for essential items of daily living for all UVU students. The UVU CARE Hub is dedicated to helping students connect to resources that will help them address insecurities around food, housing, health, and safety.

The success of UVU students begins with ensuring their basic needs are met so they can focus on their learning.


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More than

1,000 students

served in 2022


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increase in student retention and persistence compared to university average

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25,000 lbs.

of food distributed in 2022



  • Fresh Food Fridays and fresh produce in the pantry
  • A volunteer program for students
  • Local fruit tree gleaning program
  • A new physical space with expanded pantry (New CARE Hub office coming 2023)
  • Case management and resource referral for students
  • Growing the Mobile Food Pantry to expand services to West Campus, Wee Care, Wasatch Campus, and the Provo Airport
  • Accessible recipe videos to help teach healthy meals using pantry items
  • Participation on 2 statewide committees, 3 regional committees, 4 UVU committees
  • Increased education including staff/facultypresentations, and Foundations of Inclusion courses
  • Increased student presentations for classes and organizations on campus
  • Ongoing assessments of all programs to best meet the needs of students

Source: UVU CARE Hub



The Coordinated Access to Resources and Education (CARE) Hub takes a holistic approach to student success and well-being. The CARE Hub understands that a student’s ability to succeed in a university setting goes beyond academic support. The CARE Hub aims to help students meet their basic needs and relieve stress.

The CARE Hub is seeking to secure essential funding to meet UVU students’ burden of basic needs insecurity. In particular, the program is seeking to create an endowment for the Student Emergency Fund, secure a location for emergency housing, and hire a full-time staff member to coordinate the program.

Below is a list of CARE Hub services that will be offered or expanded to address student needs:

  • Expand Access Programs, including the UVU Food Pantry, UVU Mobile Food Pantry, food vouchers, Fresh Food Fridays, Food Gleaning, Student Emergency Scholarship, Short-Term Emergency Housing, and workshops focused on teaching skills to help alleviate basicneeds insecurity.
  • Hire full-time case managers who will assist and support students by coordinating resources focused on shelter, nutrition, safety, and health. This includes developing success plans for students, connecting students with community resources, and helping them be successful after they graduate from UVU.
  • Educate UVU and the broader community about basic needs support.

UVU CARE Hub Fundraising Goals


Increase funding for the Emergency Fund Scholarship


Emergency housing location


Build a bigger CARE Hub and food pantry and hire more full-time case managers


Naming the CARE Hub and mobile food pantry van


collage of students

Goal 1: Increase Funding for the Emergency Fund Scholarship

UVU established the Student Emergency Fund in 2019 to support students facing a financial crisis. The goal is to alleviate immediate financial burden in order to enable students to remain enrolled and ultimately graduate – helping to spur their future economic stability and growth. Students applying for emergency scholarships also receive personalized support from staff in an effort to address any ongoing challenges they may face.

98 percent

The persistence rate for students who received the Emergency Scholarship Fund in the 2022-2023 academic year was 98%.

Of the students who were awarded the Emergency Scholarship Fund during the year, 7% graduated, 45% are already registered for fall 2023, and only 2% took a leave of absence.

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26 %

of students were on the Dean’s list for their college


average GPA for students

The UVU Emergency Fund Scholarship is 100% funded through donations. A small amount of funding now can change the course of a student’s life forever. Gifts toward the Student Emergency Fund help with unplanned emergency expenses so students do not have to choose between school and basic needs.


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$10 million endowment

Goal 2: Provide emergency housing options and staffing

Rent is often one of the highest expenses for students, and there are times when unforeseen complications or f inancial difficulties temporarily leave individuals without a place to live.

Local apartment complexes are reluctant to lease to UVU for the purpose of providing emergency housing. The CARE Hub is seeking vital funds to either incentivize complexes to partner with the university. Additional donations would also provide funding for a full-time Housing Assistance Program Manager.

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$100,000/year for staffing

$60,000/year for housing

Goal 3: Build a bigger CARE Hub and food pantry and hire more full-time case managers

The CARE Hub is growing rapidly and constantly expanding to help thousands of more students. The current space on campus is insufficient to fully support the ongoing work of the program. The CARE Hub is seeking funds to build a larger center that would allow them to increase the number of students they serve and bring in more staff to help with running programs.

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Case Manager - $100,000/year

Basic Needs Specialist - $40,000/year

Space Expansion - $500,000

New Build - $1 million

Goal 4: Naming the CARE Hub and mobile food pantry van

The UVU CARE Hub is excited to announce two naming opportunities for donors who are passionate about supporting students’ basic need insecurities. A named donor space will celebrate the legacy and commitment of the donor to this important cause.


A. The UVU Care Hub

The UVU CARE Hub is looking for a donor to name and endow the program. This endowment will ensure that there is always a baseline of funds available to support urgent student needs. This endowment will be crucial as the CARE Hub expands its services and increases the number of students it’s able to serve.

B. The UVU Mobile Food Pantry Van

There is an exciting naming opportunity for the UVU Mobile Food Pantry van that will be used to expand the UVU Food Pantry’s services to each UVU campus around the state.

For more than a decade, the UVU Food Pantry has been serving students out of their office on UVU Orem Campus. The new UVU Mobile Food Pantry will bring food pantry orders and fresh produce to UVU Wasatch, UVU West Campus, Wee Care, Provo Airport, and Thanksgiving Point campuses.

These naming opportunities will not only help fund the essential services that the CARE Hub offers, but they also provide a way for donors to establish a legacy of generosity at UVU.



Van Naming - $250,000

Pantry Naming - $500,000

Department Naming - $5,000,000


Student Story

This alum wishes to remain anonymous.

When Terra was a junior, they lost their job and their car was stolen. They remembered that the UVU Food Pantry was open to students enrolled in six or more credits. Terra utilized the pantry to save money on groceries and to make lease payments on the stolen car. Terra was glad that they didn’t have to drop out from UVU and appreciates access to CARE Hub resources. They graduated in April 2022 Summa Cum Laude, and now they work to advocate for food-insecure students.

canned food

students graduating


Student success encompasses so much more than academics. Help UVU students create and live their best lives and pursue their education without additional stress from lacking basic needs. A small amount today can make a difference for a lifetime.





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