Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to impact the life of a UVU student?

Financial need is one of the greatest barriers to any student completing a degree. When you give any amount to a scholarship or program you are helping students realize their potential and preparing them for a successful future.


Where are possible places to make a gift?

To explore giving opportunities, please visit


Where can I secure a charitable receipt?

All online donations will receive a receipt through email soon after the transaction is completed. Other donations (checks/cash/wire transfers etc.) will receive a receipt through standard mail. These are typically mailed four – seven days after we receive the donation. Employees that are donating through university payroll will receive a receipt in the mail once a year in January.

If you don’t receive a receipt as outlined above, please reach out to the UVU gift processing department at for a copy of your receipt.


What are the benefits of donating to the university with a planned gift?

Legacy gifts help UVU fulfill its vision to provide exceptional care and resources to promote student success. Legacy gifts can fund scholarships, provide faculty support, support research, assist programs, enhance resources, and promote growth. Many people choose a long-term approach to leaving a legacy on campus using a bequest, will, annuity, or trust. Others choose to make an immediate impact by donating through a Donor Advised Fund or by utilizing an IRA rollover. The tax benefits vary depending on the type of gift instrument chosen.

Different gift types allow you access to your funds, as your donation will take place after you have passed on. If you are interested, please visit us at


How can I become a UVU EverGREEN Ambassador?

Want to find more ways to help? Be an ambassador for Utah Valley University’s inaugural comprehensive fundraising campaign, EverGREEN, the campaign for UVU. Click here to learn more. 


How can I, as a student, benefit from donor support?

Donor support helps UVU show exceptional care to students. In the 2022–23 school year, 1,488 students were awarded private, donor-funded scholarships. To apply for scholarships, visit