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dropcap letter "u" he Utah Valley University (UVU) Woodbury School of Business (WSB) provides exceptional education and transformative learning opportunities that help students become successful business professionals. By participating in engaged and hands-on learning opportunities in and out of the classroom, WSB graduates are preparing to shape the future of business in Utah and beyond. As the largest business school in Utah, the WSB is committed to student engagement and hands-on learning. With unparalleled support for student learning through mentoring, internships, and specialized training, the Woodbury School of Business is where ideas become reality.

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students enrolled in the WSB, the largest for a business school in the state


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Total funds awarded to student businesses (84% increase over 2020–21)


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students involved in internships during 2021–2022

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of WSB students are first-generation students

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of students have financial need

Utah is frequently praised for its hardworking and purpose-driven citizens — something that has greatly contributed to the state’s success in business. Utah is ranked #3 on the Forbes “Best States for Business” list, and in 2021, Utah was home to over 310,000 small businesses.1 This standard for excellence in Utah business makes the Woodbury School of Business the perfect launch pad for the next generation of leaders and entrepreneurs.

The Woodbury School of Business is dedicated to helping students succeed, not only in school but also after graduation. Their core “GREEN” values guide how they do business and demonstrate their commitment to UVU’s vision to include, engage, and achieve.

Many WSB students and alumni have gone on to create thriving and successful businesses of their own because of the education they have received. UVU alumni are breaking barriers in business, their pursuits ranging from local juice companies to multimillion-dollar fashion and lifestyle brands.

The Woodbury School of Business seeks to provide students with an increased amount of support as they take on challenging coursework. Creating additional scholarship opportunities, expanding programs dedicated to hands-on learning, and establishing resources to meet student interests will help students make the most out of their WSB education. By removing roadblocks to student success, the WSB will continue to grow as a powerhouse among U.S. business schools.

GREEN Values:

Genuine Connections: Develop remarkable and widespread connections between faculty/staff and industry that facilitate student success in holistic ways.

Retention: WSB faculty and staff will examine every aspect of operations to remove roadblocks to graduation while ensuring student achievement.

Engaged Learning: Maximize student improvement through engaged learning.

Exceptional Teaching: Become and be recognized as the undisputed best business teaching faculty within the state of Utah.

Navigated Placement: Help students obtain and succeed in careers aligned with their goals.


The First-Generation Student Success Center Goals


Remove Roadblocks to Help Students Succeed


Maximize Student Innovation Through Engaged Learning


Increase Student Success by Providing the Undisputed Best Teaching

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Goal 1: Remove Roadblocks to Help Students Succeed

An essential part of promoting the Woodbury School of Business’ growth is removing roadblocks to student success. With 5,128 students enrolled in 2022, the WSB is the largest business school in the state of Utah. Because of this, the school aims to provide support for more students by providing scholarships and programs that ensure access and student success.

The WSB plans to establish the Hope Scholars Program, a cohort-based scholarship program for firstgeneration, underrepresented, and financially needy students. Student scholarships relieve financial burdens that might otherwise be insurmountable. The goal is to create funding for 25 full-tuition, endowed scholarships, and for a mentor leader.

As part of their dedication to providing exceptional care to students, the WSB seeks to support women in business through the We Lift and Impact Lab programs. The We Lift program increases the success of women entrepreneurs throughout the UVU community by providing mentorship and leadership opportunities. The Women in Business Impact Lab aims to build a society that enables more women to thrive in business by identifying issues relevant to women’s leadership in organizations, co-creating knowledge through research, and collaboratively advancing opportunities for women. Increased funding would allow these programs to grow in pace with the needs of the women students involved.




$12 million

Karen's Story

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“I am the first person in my family to go to college. I have three older siblings, and they couldn’t attend college once they came of age. My parents are immigrants from Mexico, and neither of them was able to finish high school. They came from an impoverished town. My mother didn’t make it past 6th grade because she had 11 siblings — her parents couldn’t afford to send all their children to school. My father made it to his sophomore year of high school. I knew that ever since I was little, knowing what my siblings and parents went through, I was going to college. I told myself, “I have to. I have to do it because they didn’t have the means to — and I do, so I’m going to do it.” My siblings are much older than me, and they supported me by telling me that they would help fund my education when I grew up. School has always been very important to me! You can ask any of my friends — I obsess over my education and my grades, which is how I managed to earn a scholarship to UVU.”

Karen Magaña ‘22, Accounting

Enhance the Money Success Center

The top reason students drop out of college is financial difficulties. The UVU Money Success Center helps students discover ways to stay in school, graduate with minimal debt, and learn valuable financial skills for the future. The center also provides personalized financial coaching and helps students and community members prepare their taxes. Funding for the Money Success Center will go toward student internships, faculty leadership stipends, and special events.


Lexi Soto“Starting college, I had major imposter syndrome. But my motivation to do my very best in school skyrocketed to new heights. I worked hard to learn as much as possible in my classes and even qualify for the dean’s list. The anonymous donor (that funded my scholarship) said I’m their best investment. To me, that is the biggest compliment. I know that I am still benefiting greatly from their donation. My desire to show appreciation for such a generous gift has led me to find exciting opportunities at UVU. I want to be a great Wolverine!”

Lexi Soto ‘24, Digital Marketing


To read more of Lexi Soto’s story, scan the QR code

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Goal 2: Maximize Student Innovation Through Engaged Learning

Many Woodbury School of Business programs help students bridge the gap between classroom and hands-on learning. Enhancing existing programs and establishing a new center will help to increase student opportunities. It will also help WSB faculty and staff provide specialized student support and training in niche areas of interest.

Enhance the Entrepreneurship Institute & Innovation Center

The Woodbury School of Business intends to establish an Entrepreneurship Institute & Innovation Center. This center will empower more UVU students to start and grow their businesses through experiential opportunities, robust programming, resources and mentorship, and integration with the broader entrepreneurial ecosystem. Funding for this center will go toward acquiring seed funding for student ventures as well as hiring a director and assistant director.

Enhance the UVU SMARTLab

The UVU SMARTLab provides students with access to the latest in neuromarketing technology (e.g., eye tracking, EEG, facial coding, GSR). This lab has performed exceptionally well and won its

sixth consecutive best-of-state award in 2022 for the “Best Analytical Lab” in Utah. By combining research and technology, UVU students can help real-world clients optimize their marketing strategies and increase sales. Increased funding for this institute will give students access to the latest technologies and help them conduct cutting-edge research studies on business trends.

Enhance The Green House

The Green House is a student-run web design and marketing agency that serves clients in the local community. By working with Utah businesses, UVU students gain real-world experience that will help launch them into digital marketing careers. Funding for The Green House will help the agency expand and facilitate an optimal experience for the students who are involved.

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$17.5 million

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Goal 3: Increase Student Success by Providing the Undisputed Best Teaching

The Woodbury School of Business prioritizes excellence in teaching and instruction. Through utilizing existing centers and programs, and creating new ones to meet student needs, the WSB will continue providing students with world-class education. New technologies and research impact businesses every day. The WSB’s new and existing programs respond to these changes by helping students understand and take advantage of innovative advancements. These opportunities allow students to elevate their talents and enhance their expertise to ensure they are prepared to be the world’s next business leaders.

Reuben Holdaway“The Wolverine Fund, a student-run venture capital fund program (at the WSB) allowed me to meet with entrepreneurs and invest in their startups. Participating in that group was like Christmas morning every week since I was captivated by the startup scene. I poured my heart and soul into that program, and it led to internships with Album VC and Portfolio Advisors, a firm outside of New York City. UVU helped me unlock possibilities and chase these opportunities, proving that my past does not dictate my future.”



$15.5 million

Establish the T-1 Lab

Utah Valley University is a T1 institution (a teaching-focused university). The T1 Lab at the WSB will enhance faculty’s ability to (1) utilize advanced technologies and data to assess, realize, and support best practices; and (2) create curricula that excite students and prepare them for lifelong learning. Funding for this center will go toward hiring a director and assistant director as well as acquiring the technology and data tools required for the lab’s success.



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Establish the UVU FinTech Center

The UVU FinTech center is an innovative venture that seeks to create a space where students can learn more about new technologies that improve the use of financial services. This new center will advance students’ education and promote unparalleled student success through interdisciplinary, hands-on projects.


Sustain the Risk Management Minor Programb

The WSB seeks to develop the risk management minor, which offers students hands-on experience in the new field of enterprise risk management. This rapidly changing profession is varied, complex, and dynamic, and has become a vital part of government, business, and nonprofit organizations. Funding will support student credit reimbursement, the Gamma Iota Sigma student organization, faculty leadership funds, and the UVU RMI Risk Management Conference, which began in 2022.

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Build a Real Estate Minor Program

The WSB plans to add a real estate minor option for students interested in pursuing careers in that field. This minor will equip students with the fundamental skills needed to understand, create, and lead real estate companies in a competitive and everfluctuating market. To launch the program, WSB is hoping to acquire five years’ worth of funding that will go toward creating student resources and hiring faculty.

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By sharing your means, you will enrich the UVU community and create opportunities for student success. Woodbury School of Business students, graduates, and faculty are working diligently to understand and contribute to the world of business. Help them thrive. Together, we can create a transformative educational experience for Utah’s future business leaders.





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