UVU Students LIFT Each Other Up Through 2518 Campaign

The combined donations from all three years of 2518 total more than $41,500 and compose enough funds to start an endowed scholarship beginning in Fall of 2021.

In April 2021, the Utah Valley University Student Alumni Association (UVUSAA) hosted another successful year of the 2518 campaign. UVU’s 2518 campaign focuses on raising funds from students, for students. One of its goals is to endow a scholarship for their first-generation peers. Utah Valley University (UVU) students, alumni, and other community members came together to support first-generation students.

2518 is a student-led campaign that aims to secure 2,518 individual donations to support the 37 percent of UVU students whose parents did not graduate college. In October 2018, UVU President Astrid Tuminez announced a historic initiative to fund scholarships for these first-generation students. The goal is formidable: to raise $15 million in five years for first-generation student scholarships. At the time, the cost for one semester of in-state tuition was $2,518, hence the significance of the number. Since its inception three years ago, the 2518 campaign has played a significant role in raising this amount.

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Despite the challenge of COVID-19 taking the campaign totally online for the second year in a row, campaign leaders collaborated to engage a wider audience. Contributions from May 2021 graduates were significant. “We haven’t seen that kind of interaction from our graduates before,” said Shaun Singh, assistant director of alumni relations. “Those who donated will be honored with a black cord they can wear at graduation to showcase their support of their fellow students.”

The combined donations from all three years of 2518 total more than $41,500 and compose enough funds to start an endowed scholarship beginning in Fall of 2021. By endowing the scholarship, the interest earned from the funds will be reinvested, which will create opportunities for future UVU students.



First-generation students often face barriers to their education that other students do not encounter. Without valuable insights regarding how to navigate college from parents or guardians, obtaining a bachelor’s degree becomes even more difficult. On average, 24 percent of first-generation college students earn a bachelor’s degree. That percentage is much lower than second-and third-generation students’ which tops 85 percent. Recipients of the 2518 Scholarship will have access to funds, mentors, and resources through UVU’s I Am First center.  

“The 2518 Scholarship gives first-generation students financial stability and gives them an opportunity to fulfill their academic ambitions,” said Singh. “Funding the education of first-generation students gives them a further sense of accomplishment and belonging as a student at UVU.”

UVU extends a warm thank-you to all who donated. There is still time to contribute—add your support to the voices that champion first-generation students today!

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