UVU Students Unite to Aid Fellow Students in Need

UVU Students Unite to Aid Fellow Students in Need

DECEMBER 20, 2022


Q&A with UVU marketing senior Lauren James


1. What is the Valley United Food Drive?

Valley United is a food drive focused on raising money and food to support UVU students. UVU has a food pantry that students, faculty, and staff can use for free, no matter what their need is, and the food collected from Valley United supplies the pantry.


2. How has your involvement benefitted your education at UVU?

I was fortunate enough to lead the campaign in 2018 and 2019, and I have been able to volunteer throughout the event every year since. When I first got involved, I had no idea that UVU had these resources for students. I've often struggled as a student, but I didn’t realize that there were others struggling even more—and for basic needs.


3. How does Valley United positively impact UVU students and show exceptional care?

UVU students struggle with a lot in their lives, but struggling with basic human needs, such as figuring out where you're getting your next meal from or wondering if you're not going to make your rent payment, is different and scary. The Care Hub can provide temporary relief from these stressors.


4. How can people learn more about these resources?

You can visit the Care Hub website at www.uvu.edu/studentcare


Interested in learning more about how you can change the lives of UVU students through an endowed shcolarship?

Contact Vicky Hopper, Director - Annual Giving