License Plate FAQ


UVU License Plate Frequently Asked Questions

UVU license plate with the green mascot (wolverine) next to the words Go UVU


I just renewed my vehicle registration for the year, do I have to pay for it again?

No. You will only need to pay the $17 one-time special group plate fee and $4 one-time postage and handling fee (or $66 personalized special group plate fee) plus the $25 annual contribution to the UVU scholarship fund to get your new UVU plates.


I’m thinking of purchasing a new car from a dealership. Can I request UVU plates on my new car?

Yes! When the dealership is filling out the Vehicle Application for Utah Title, ask them to check “Other” in Section 4 and fill in the blank line with “Utah Valley University.” All Utah car dealerships have the ability to request UVU plates for the buyer.


When I purchase or replace the UVU plate, does it change my renewal/expiration dates?

No. You retain your existing expiration and renewal dates.


When I get a UVU plate, do I keep the same alphanumeric characters from my existing plate?

No, you will be issued a new set of alphanumeric characters.


How do I renew my UVU plate?

The $25 scholarship donation will be automatically added to your state vehicle registration each year. Your donation shows as part of the total amount you owe on your vehicle registration.

What if I want to personalize my UVU plate?

You can order personalized plates with up to five alphanumeric characters. Here are two ways to order personalized plates:

  1. ONLINE via DMV:
    • Select Change Your Plates then complete the validation steps.
    • Under plate information for "I want to order a", choose Special Group Plate.
    • Select Yes to personalize your plate.
    • For plate type, choose Utah Valley University Prs.
    • Enter your desired personalized plate characters and explanation.
    • Continue through payment and submission.
  2. AT THE DMV: Complete Form TC-817 and submit with the required personalized plate fee to the DMV. On the form, type “Utah Valley University” under section 3: Plate and Character Selection in the Utah Special Group Plate field.

Different fees apply for personalized plates. Initially, you will be charged a $66 personalized special group plate fee plus a $25 UVU scholarship donation. Thereafter, a $10 personalized plate fee and $25 UVU scholarship donation will automatically be added to your state vehicle registration each year.

For more information about personalized Utah license plates visit


Does my car registration need to be current in order to purchase a UVU license plate?

Yes. The DMV will not allow you to purchase a UVU license plate if your registration is expired.


If I am a UVU student or employee, can I use this as my UVU parking permit?

No. You will still need to purchase a UVU parking permit. However, once you have a UVU parking permit, you can park in specially marked parking spots. 


If I am a UVU student or employee, do I need to update my new plate information with UVU Parking Services after purchasing?

Yes! You will need to update your new plate information with UVU Parking Services before you can park on campus.


If I am not a UVU student or employee, can I get a UVU license plate?

Yes! Any fan of UVU with a car registered in the state of Utah can get a plate.


Can I get UVU license plates for my business vehicles even though my company isn’t affiliated with UVU?

Yes! Because the plates are available to everyone in Utah, they do not indicate that the owner is currently affiliated with the university. Instead, they show that your business gives back and that you’re invested in the community.


Can I order a UVU license plate if I live outside Utah?

No. UVU license plates are valid for Utah only. You need to have your car registered with the state of Utah. 


Whom can I contact for more information?

Contact UVU Alumni Relations at 801-863-8179 or [email protected].