UVU Campus Parking

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7am - 5pm (online payments available 24/7)
Phone: (801)863-8188    Email:parking@uvu.edu
Address: 936 South 400 West, Orem, UT 84058

 All vehicles parked on campus require a parking permit

Yellow one semester, yellow three semester, purple three semester, and employee permits are available online or in our office.  If you require a permit other than the ones listed above please contact our office by email, phone, or in person.

We anticipate significant parking and traffic congestion at the beginning of each semester.  Here are some suggestions that may help to lessen the impact of parking issues. 

  1. Allow extra time to arrive on campus and find a parking spot.  It is much easier to beat the traffic and find a parking space if you arrive early.
  2. Take the bus or ride your bike.  Students and employees are encouraged to find alternative transportation to campus.  Check the UTA website at Rideuta.com to find a bus route that will get you to campus with less traffic/parking hassle.
  3. The parking garage is always a cost effective alternative at $1 per hour.

Again, we all need to work together to keep traffic and parking congestion to a minimum .  Do not hesitate to contact the Parking Office at 801-863-8188, if you have any questions.

Parking Alerts

 UVX uses exclusive bus lanes in some of the most congested areas providing a regularly scheduled commute to campus without the hassle of parking, or park at the free (permit required) W1 lot on west campus and take the free UVX to main campus.

Save time!  Park in our outer lots and get to class earlier.  Parking Lots L9, L10, and M29 frequently contain available stalls throughout the day.   



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Approximate Walking Times

Following are approximate walking times from various parking lots or the UVU bus stop to various buildings on campus.

L10 to LA        6 minutes    L10 to Bookstore 11 minutes   L10 to GT        16 minutes   L10 to EE        17 minutes
M29 to LA  10 minutes   M29 to Bookstore 8 minutes   M29 to GT 5 minutes   M29 to ME 17 minutes

UVU Bus Station
to LA

10 minutes  

UVU Bus Station
to Bookstore

5 minutes  

UVU Bus Station
to GT/CS

6 minutes      

Permits / Citations

Our permits are digital and assigned to your license plate, your best option is to buy online.  Students using cash, checks, or obtaining disabled permits may visit the parking office to get a permit issued to their vehicle.  Students using a sponsored account (Department of Veterans Affairs or Utah State Office of Rehabilitation) may visit the parking office to get a permit issued to their vehicle.

Pay/Appeal Citations Online

Please use the button below to pay/appeal citations online. Note that citations may also be paid in the parking office.

Pay/Appeal Citations Online

Parking Permits Online

Please use the button below to apply for a parking permit.  Note that permits may also be obtained in the parking office.

Parking Permits Online

Note that a valid license plate number and make/model info for the vehicle is required.  If you change vehicles or license plate numbers you can manage your vehicles online at our Parking Portal.  Your vehicle information must be accurate and current to avoid citations.  While updating your account if you receive a message the vehicle already exists you must contact Parking Services so that we may ensure there are no outstanding citations assigned to the vehicle.  We are always happy to review and update your information during business hours from 7 am - 5 pm Monday through Friday in the parking office or by calling 801-863-8188.  After hours please email parking@uvu.edu.  Please see the parking regulations and the FAQ links below for details.

The parking garage is a pay-by-space facility and costs $1 per hour to park ($10 daily maximum).  The pay stations located on each floor accept all major credit cards or $1, $5, or $10 bills.  Payment is required from 5 am through 10 pm, seven days a week. A permit is also available for the parking garage for $750.00 a year.  Regular student and employee permits are NOT VALID in the Parking Garage.  If you are interested in the specific garage permit, please come by our office for details.

All visitors to campus are asked to park in the Parking Garage, Admissions Meter Lot, or Lakeside Visitor Lot and pay the posted rate, we no longer issue visitor permits.


  • Do you have a question regarding our license plate based permit system? Check out this page for more details!
  • Planning an event or conference on campus? Please visit our Events Page for details on how to arrange parking.
  • Please visit our Parking FAQ page for answers to most Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Questions about parking rules and regulations?  Check out our current Regulations.
  • Looking for a Vendor permit? Check out the Vendor page for details.

UVU Parking Map

Click on parking map button for parking options and lots.

Keep Up To Speed This Semester With New Information About UVU Parking

Beginning August 2018 all UVU full-and part-time employees as well as their spouses and dependents, and students will receive free UTA transit passes annually.

You can manage your vehicles, permits, pay citations, appeal citations, and view your historical documents online at the Parking Portal.  As always we are happy to review and update you account over the phone or in person at Parking Services Monday through Friday 7 am - 5 pm.

We use a paper-less system which uses your license plate as your permit identification. Each student may register two vehicles to their permit, but only one of those vehicles is allowed on campus at a given time. Vehicles without license plate numbers will need to come to the parking office to obtain a permit. To avoid citations and waiting in lines, come to parking services, or order online, before the semester starts so that your parking needs are already handled before classes start.

While adding a vehicle to your account you might receive a message if the vehicle already exists in our parking system.  This will require you to contact Parking Services so that we may ensure any outstanding citations aren't automatically added to your account.

Parking Services offers various services to the UVU community in addition to issuing permits and enforcing parking regulations, please visit our Additional Services page for more information