Your School. Your Diploma.

Each UVU graduate is issued one free paper copy of their UVU diploma at the end of their graduating semester. Students who graduated after Fall 2019 are also given one free digital copy. If you have recently graduated and would like to check on the status of your diploma, please contact the Graduation Office at 801-863-8438 or [email protected].


Reissuing Diplomas

Whether you graduated from CUVS, UTTI, UTC, UVCC, UVSC, or UVU with a certificate, associate, bachelors, or master's degree, you are eligible to purchase a reissued UVU diploma ($25) to display in your home or office. Order your reissued diploma online at

Please note that UVU considers UVU transcripts (not diplomas) as official documentation of graduation. If you need proof of graduation for a job or other purpose, you may want to ask if an official UVU transcript would suffice. Information on how to request an official transcript ($5) can be viewed at


Any Questions?

Contact the Graduation Office at 801-863-8438 or [email protected].