BI Executive Team


  • Broad campus change management leadership and BI champions
  • Communicate and empower BI guiding principles
  • Assure BI guiding principles are applied in IT, IR, and data stewardship areas
  • Establish key BI project priorities
  • Establish project teams
  • Align/secure resources (including training) to accomplish key BI projects
  • Conduct/facilitate user assessments (pre and post projects)
  • Eliminate barriers
  • Develop recognition and showcasing strategies
  • Assessment--how do we know success/failure
  • Leverage IT structure and systems


BI Group


  • Project Implementation and coordination aligned with established BI project priorities
  • Identify emerging trends, tools, strategies and best practices
  • Eliminate barriers
  • Assess projects (including recently deployed) against BI principles; recommend and implement improvements
  • Establish protocol for user feedback
  • Identify ways to integrate “users” into project development, implementation, and assessment
  • Identify “business process” changes that facilitate BI principles
  • Mentor and monitor progress of Project Teams


BI Team


  • Process Analysis
  • Data Flow Design
  • Strategic Architecture
  • Scalable Delivery
  • Extract, Translate & Load (ETL) Development
  • Oracle Database Development
  • Argos Design
  • Tableau Development



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