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UVU faculty are encouraged to maintain their portfolio electronically, using Watermark Faculty Success (formerly Digital Measures) Activity Insight. All contract faculty have accounts set up in the system and should receive a welcome e-mail with a login ID and default password. If you have not received this e-mail yet, and would like to begin using the system, please contact us.

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Faculty Benefits and Guides:

  • Faculty web pages rely on Watermark Faculty Success activity information to display basic contact and other information.   Please refer to this knowledge base article for more information:
    Faculty Web Pages using Faculty Success
  • Eliminates periodic, recurring requests for information on faculty teaching, research and service activities.
  • One convenient place for faculty to maintain their activity data.
  • Easy access to generate reports on faculty activities.
  • The Activity area may be used for accreditation reporting.
  • The Activity area may be used for rank and tenure file preparation or annual reviews.  Find annual review guides through this link.   FACULTY SUCCESS WORKFLOW GUIDES
  •  The full Faculty / Staff Guide for Faculty Success can be found through this link.  FACULTY SUCCESS GUIDE
  •  CV (Curriculum Vitae) Data can be uploaded to Faculty Success, rather than entering the data manually. Find an instructional video through this link.   CV Data Video
  •  For instructions on how to customize CVs, click on this link.   CV Customization
  • Learn how to import citations of publications already stored in another software system such as Crossref or PubMed, or in other reference managers or databases.  IMPORT PUBLICATIONS
  • Manage Activities more effectively through the use of Dynamic Summary Screens
  • Review how to access and include SRI INFORMATION.

Accessing Watermark Faculty Success

To access Faculty Success, log in to your myUVU account and click on Faculty Resources. In the middle column, select Retention, Tenure & Promotion Info from the list. Click on Faculty Portfolios (Faculty Success) and you will be taken to your Faculty Success account.

On the main page, you will find links to the following areas:

Activity Area Information

General Information

This category contains personal information, education, awards and honors, memberships, and various other personal data. You will also find under the Administrative Data heading, a link to fill out Yearly Data. Your information will not show up on reports pulled by the Department Chair if the Yearly Data section is not filled out.


This category allows you to show your teaching experience - Scheduled teaching, Dissertations, and Non-Credit Instruction. We have linked to Banner for some of your Scheduled teaching and workload information so it is brought automatically into Faculty Success, but other information you will need to enter manually. (Fields in this section displaying the padlock icon are brought across from Banner and are not editable by the user.)


You should include any scholarly work or research you have completed or are currently working on in this category. It also includes areas to enter any professional presentations or intellectual contributions (books, published articles, etc.).


In this area, you may add any public, school, or professional service (including committees).

Who Can See and Use the Information in my Activities area?

Department Chairs, Deans, and Academic Administration have access to run reports and view individual faculty activities. The Watermark Faculty Success system is secure and not searchable on the internet, so your information is protected.

Why is the Activities area Important?

The Activities area may be used for accreditation and other institutional reporting as well as rank and tenure file preparation. It also allows faculty members to update their activities in a single location and then use reporting to create CVs and share what they have been doing. It also allows these reports to be used in annual review and RTP workflows.

Need Help or Have Questions? Please Contact:

Faculty Development - Academic Administration
Laurie Toro - Director

Trevor Morris - Program Manager

UVU Service Desk
UVU Service Center

Bryan Cowley - Systems Analyst
BIRS Help Request