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Your perception and evaluation of your learning experience is very important to help us improve the quality of teaching at UVU. Please take the time to complete the online Student Rating of Instructors (SRI) at the end of each class. We will post announcements in myUVU as to the availability of the system for each semester. If you have questions in the meantime, you can enter a help request at this link.  BI Services Help

If you have problems logging into myUVU, call the IT Service Desk at (801)863-8888. For questions or suggestions regarding the survey please enter a request at this link.   BI Services Help
Thank you for your support of teaching excellence at UVU.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do I Go to Take an SRI Survey?

You will receive an email reminder for each class you are attending each week the survey is open. There will be a link to the survey in the email. You may also go to myUVU to take any open surveys. Click on the Students menu item and select the MyClasses icon in the TOOLBOX section of the left navigation area.  Scroll down on the resulting main page to find the link to Rate My Instructors. Selecting this link will take you to a list of your course registrations with active links embedded for each class that currently has a course evaluation available. 

I Have a Class With Multiple Instructors, Do I Complete a Survey for Each of Them?

Yes. You should receive a survey link in an e-mail for each instructor assigned to your class. If you choose to submit the survey via myUVU, you will see a link for each instructor in the active registrations in myUVU.

Can My Teacher Identify Me or My Results

This survey protects your identity. No personal information is stored in the SRI system. Your responses cannot be linked to you personally, or your student records. The survey results are given to the teacher in summary form after grades are submitted. You should, however, take care not to include any information in your written comments that may identify you.

I Would Rather Not Take the Survey, Can I Opt Out?

If you would rather not take the survey, you may opt out without any penalty. However, we strongly encourage you to take this opportunity to evaluate the quality of instruction at UVU. Your instructors use the survey results to improve the quality of teaching for future students. You may opt out by clicking on the Submit Survey button without filling in the survey information. Caution, you will not be able to go back and respond to the survey later!

How Do I Print a Confirmation Receipt to Give My Instructor?

You will have the opportunity to print your confirmation receipt after you have submitted your survey. You can also click on the link in your email to return to the survey and print the receipt from there. Additionally you can click on the survey link from the "Rate Your Instructor" section in the My Academics page under the myUVU Student Tab. After the surveys close, you will not be able to access them again.

How Long Do I Have to Complete the Surveys?

Most surveys are open for a total of 19 days, 13 days before the end of the course and 6 days after. The length of time that the survey is open depends on the length of your class. See the SRI Key Dates schedule for exact dates for each part of term.

Can I Re-do or Edit My Surveys?

We are sorry, but because the system provides you complete anonymity, we cannot identify which survey to “re-set” for you. If you would like to provide feedback to your instructor directly you may do so. Or you may contact the department chair who could present your feedback anonymously to the faculty member. We are sure your instructors would appreciate either option.

I Did Not Receive any SRI Emails, What's Wrong?

SRI emails are sent to your UVU account. The SRI emails will not be sent to your personal email and you may miss them if you have not linked your UVU email to your personal email. If you have linked your UVU email to your personal email, the SRI email may have been sent to your junk/SPAM folder. Additionally, the email will return to us labeled "undeliverable" if your personal email inbox is full. If you are still not receiving your SRI emails after doing these things, enter a help request with an explanation of your problem at this link.  BI Services Help

Who Do I Contact for More Information About Evaluations?

Concerns and questions regarding evaluations should be entered in the BI Services  help desk portal at this link.   BI Services Help
You may also contact the Deputy Provost of Academic Administration, Kathren Brown.

If I Can't Take the Survey or it Doesn't Work Right, Who Do I Contact Regarding Technical Problems?

Please contact the IT Service Desk at (801)863-8888 for an immediate response. You may also enter a BI Services help request and include the course(s) that you cannot evaluate along with your UVID at this link.   BI Services Help      Someone will respond within 1 working day.