We would love to assist you in your recruiting efforts and have provided the simple steps below to get you started!

  1. Let’s Connect!

    Each company has different recruiting needs, and we would like to visit with you so we can learn more about your organization and identify a recruiting strategy that would best suit your specific needs. Please start by scheduling an appointment with the Employer Relations Manager. The Employer Relations Scheduling Specialist, coordinates appointments and you can contact that individual using the information on the “Contact Us” page or by calling the Career & Internship Center at 801.863.6364.

    • Additional Internships Steps:
      • Please let us know if you would like to discuss setting up an internship so we can include a UVU internships expert in that conversation.
      • You will also need to complete the UVU Master Internship Agreement.
  2. Getting Started on Handshake.

    If you have not already done so, please begin by creating an Account and User Profile for your company on Handshake.

    • If your organization already has a company Account on Handshake, please do not create a new company account.
    • Remember to select Utah Valley University as one of your schools when you create your account.
    • Once your Profile is set up on Handshake, simply access your Account at app.joinhandshake.com.
    • If your company already has an account on Handshake, but you are having trouble connecting, please contact us.
    • We are happy to provide individual assistance in setting up your account or linking to an existing account. To request individual assistance with your Handshake account, contact the Career & Internship Center at 801.863.6364.
    • For more information on Handshake, refer to the Handshake Information tab on our website.
  3. Post Your Positions.

    After your Company Account and User Profile are set up and approved on Handshake, simply post your positions.

    • If you have created your job and or internship postings prior to being approved by UVU, you will need to go back to those positions and select UVU in order for our students to view them.
    • Whenever you post degree-related opportunities (career positions or internships), please notify us and we will be happy to share those positions on a case-by-case basis.
  4. Connecting with UVU Students.

    Keep in mind that reaching students during the summer months is difficult since most of our students work at least part-time while school is in session, and most work full-time during the summer. To assist you, we have provided the information below.

    • Fall Semester. The best times for connecting with students is during the following weeks | months: September, October and the first two weeks of November. The week before and the week of Thanksgiving as well as throughout December present difficulty in reaching students because the focus is on finals.
    • Spring Semester. The last week of January, February, and March are the best times to reach students. After the first week of April student focus shifts to end of the year activities including final tests and project.
    • Be proactive in contacting the Employer Relations Team, keeping in mind the dates above.
  5. Get Involved in Recruiting Events!

    We encourage you to take advantage of a wide variety of recruiting events designed to reach various student populations.

    • Dates and pricing for events are provided on the “Event Dates and Pricing Guide” on this website.
    • Watch for notifications regarding new events available for registration through your Handshake email.
    • For best success, we would encourage you to register as early as possible to take advantage of the following benefits.
      • Avoid the Wait List. Many of our events fill early.
      • Reduced Pricing. Some events have Early Pricing Options. We also have non-profit and government pricing available for those that qualify.
      • Booth Placement. Booth placement, especially for our large fairs is based on date of registration.
    • We are happy to visit with you about which events would best suit your needs.

Internship Details

  • If you need help or have specific internships questions, please contact the Career & Internship Center at 801.863.6364.
  • After you hire the intern, we appreciate you:
    • Helping the student set goals and learning objectives at the beginning of the experience.
    • Managing and mentoring that individual throughout the internship.
    • Providing an evaluation at the end of the internship.

​CIC Recruiting Protocol


We appreciate your interest in recruiting students at UVU and look forward to assisting you in your recruiting efforts. Kindly keep in mind that all employers allowed to participate in recruiting events on campus at Utah Valley University must abide by the following protocols and must ensure that all company representatives abide by the same requirements. The Career & Internship Center also reserves the right to limit the number of employers from any given industry and to decline participation in recruiting on campus including the use of Handshake.

Recruiting Protocols

Recruiting at Utah Valley University (UVU) is at the discretion of the Career & Internship Center (CIC). The UVU CIC reserves the right to allow or prohibit any company/organization interested in recruiting students at UVU through job postings, on-campus events, virtual events, or any other form of UVU student interaction with the purpose of recruiting or hiring. On-Campus recruiting is not allowed without permission from the CIC. This includes shoulder-tapping, handing out fliers, placing fliers on campus boards or vehicles, and any other form of contact with students.

NACE Standards. The CIC supports adherence to the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE) principles and Career Readiness Competencies. For more information access the NACE website.

The CIC supports the NACE Principles for Ethical Professional Practice and requests that recruiters abide by the same standards. Further information can be accessed at NACEweb.org.

FERPA. All student information is subject to FERPA laws, must be considered confidential, and may not be shared with any other organization.

Event Registration Confirmation.

  • Registration for a Fair or other recruiting event does not guarantee approval or participation but is instead an application or request for participation.
  • Registration is complete once it has been approved by the Employer Relations Manager and the registration fee paid and received by our office.
  • Registration is considered and approved based on the date of registration.
  • Registration is also considered based on whether event participation is a good fit for the students attending.
  • Table assignment at any recruiting event is based on the date of registration and payment receipt.

Employer Eligibility

Recruiting Determination. UVU and all other departments/offices of the school reserve the right to decide the appropriateness of all positions (career, internship, student or otherwise) posted on Handshake as well as those advertised for at any event. Additionally, the Career & Internship Center reserves the right to refuse service to any employer whose industry, recruiting practices, job or internship postings, etc. do not adhere to UVU recruiting guidelines and/or protocols as described in more detail below. Note that these protocols may change without notice. The CIC reserves the right to withdraw position postings and remove on-campus and virtual recruiting privileges when warranted by unprofessional recruitment practices, unethical behavior, unlawful activities, or violation of recruiting protocols.

Employer Eligibility Criteria. Employers recruiting through the Utah Valley University Career & Internship Center must meet the following criteria:

  • The employer must have a valid Business Entity Number or provide the CIC with a valid copy of documentation (such as a current business license) to prove they are a legitimate business which has acquired legitimate legal state or federal authorization to conduct business in the United States.
  • All organizations must create an account on Handshake which is the UVU recruiting platform. That account must further be “Approved” by the Career & Internship Center.
  • Operation of the business must be from a location that is specifically for business purposes and not a personal residence. Virtual businesses will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • A functioning website must be in operation.
  • Email addresses using a corporate email domain for all employee email accounts are strongly preferred.

MLM or Multilevel Pay Structure Organizations.

  • No out-of-pocket fees can be required of the student. (Exceptions include government licensing and certifications and must be approved by the Career & Internship Center). If you have questions, please contact the Career & Internship Center, Employer Relations Manager.
  • The Career & Internship Center does not allow distributors within multi-level marketing organizations to recruit. Corporate offices for multilevel organizations will be approved on a case-by-case basis.
  • Unless approved by the Career & Internship Center, employees’ compensation cannot be dependent upon recruitment of others.

Commission-Based Positions. Employers recruiting students to fill commission only employment positions are NOT allowed to recruit on campus unless they meet one or more of the following criteria:

  • The employer is a Fortune 1000 company.
  • The employer is a member of a National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE).
  • Recruiting for commission-only positions will be accompanied with recruiting for salary/hourly and paid positions.
  • The position is a W-2 paid position (meaning a position that is salary/hourly wage paid or salary/hourly, wage paid plus commission). The wage must meet or exceed the Federal and State minimum wage standard.
  • Employers with positions meeting the above stated criteria may recruit on campus at designated events only, pending approval by the CIC.
  • Special permission is received from the Career & Internship Center.

Direct to Home (D2H) or Door-to-Door (D2D) Organizations. D2H and D2D organizations are not permitted to attend fairs or events as outlined below

  • Participation, if approved, is allowed with the following stipulations:
    • Your organization must be approved on Handshake and in good standing with the CIC.
    • Every member of your organization participating in this event, must complete a CIC Protocol Form.
    • If any member of your organization violates the protocols, your consideration for recruiting events and using Handshake will be denied.
    • For details on required protocols, please contact the CIC directly.
  • A limited number of booths may be available at Career & Internship Fairs, depending on availability for D2D organizations, but primarily for corporate, non-door-to-door positions.
  • Booths will not be available for D2D organizations at Program-Specific Career Fairs.

Posting Positions.

  • Companies offering unpaid volunteer positions and/or unpaid jobs are NOT allowed to recruit on campus and are NOT allowed to post positions on Handshake unless specific approval has been given from the Career & Internship Center. Unpaid internships are allowed but not encouraged.
  • Personal assistance positions posted by private individuals will not be approved. Examples of those positions include caretaker, lawncare, tutor, etc.
  • Organizations that are primarily job boards may be approved for corporate positions only with specific approval from the CIC.
  • No positions will be approved that require candidates or selected employees to incur any financial liability or involve paying for items needed to perform the job.
  • On-campus solicitation positions will not be approved.
  • Positions that require additional training that is unpaid or must be repaid if not completed will not be approved.

Third-Party Organizations.

  • In-House Positions. Once a third-party organization has completed our approval process, that organization will be welcome to post any positions that are direct hires for that organization. These must be in-house, direct hire corporate employment opportunities.
  • Represented Organization Approval. For EACH client which a third party intends to post (referred to as the Represented Organization or RO) MUST:
    • Provide an email directly from the Represented Organization stating that they have a recruiting contract with your organization, and that they grant your organization permission to post positions on their behalf.
    • Create an account and profile on Handshake or grant us permission to create a profile for their organization. 
  • Represented Organization Job Postings. Once the full approval process has been completed, the third-party agency will be allowed to post positions under the following conditions:
    • The name of the Represented Organization that the third party is representing must be disclosed in the first line of the Job Posting.
    • If the Represented Organization has a profile on Handshake, and has already posted the position, we will not approve the same position from the third party.
    • Jobs posted on Handshake through the agency MUST be for positions requiring a college degree, or are career-elated positions, including internships.
    • The third-party organization may not charge students for placement services or job referrals.
    • Student information is protected under FERPA, and shall not be sold, or given to any other clients, or third party without the student granting approval.
    • Each new job posting will go through a separate approval process, and only those positions that meet the requirements above will be approved.
    • Third-party organizations are required to be identified as such on Handshake and shall not conduct mass downloads of student information. Action of this type will result in an immediate declined status.
    • Note: Job Posting is not activated for third-party organizations except on an individual basis.

Internship Compensation. Please refer to the U.S. Department of Labor Fact Sheets for information regarding internship compensation.

Event Payment Options

  • Kindly pay separately for each event for which you register in order for us to easily identify the payment associated with each event.
  • We encourage you to pay early since booth placement is based on date of registration and date of payment.
  • Contact the Employer Relations Manager; or any member of the Employer Relations Team; at 801.863.6364 with any questions you may have regarding payment.

We have provided several payment options for your convenience in paying the event registration fee:

ONLINE PAYMENT. You are welcome to use our convenient online payment option through Handshake just by clicking on the "Pay Here" link below. You will also be able to pay for any event through your event registration on Handshake. Simply locate the green "Pay Now" button on the left side of the registration.

TELEPHONE PAYMENT. We are happy to take your credit card payment over the telephone. Please contact the Employer Relations Manager; or a member of the Employer Relations Team, at 801.863.6364.

CHECK PAYMENT. If you prefer, you are welcome to send a check to the address below.

  • Notify me immediately that you are paying the registration fee by check at .
  • Keep in mind that your check must be received by the Career & Internship Center (not just at UVU) at least 14 days prior to the event.
  • Please ensure the check includes the COMPLETE address provided since omission of any information could result in a significant delay in our office receiving the payment.
    • Career & Internship Center
      Utah Valley University
      800 West University Parkway, MS203
      Orem, Utah 84058 - 6703

Refund Policy

We realize that issues can arise which may preclude your ability to attend. If, after you have registered and paid the registration fee, you are unable to attend, please let us know as quickly as possible. We generally have a Wait List and will want to cancel your registration so we can allow another organization to participate.

Keep in mind, however, that we are usually unable to fill canceled registrations even from the Wait List if you cancel fourteen (14) days or less prior to the event. Therefore, we want to make you aware of the following refund information. If your Cancellation Notice is received:

  • Fourteen (14) days or more prior to the event, we will provide you with a full refund.
  • Between eight (8) and thirteen (13) days prior to the event, we will issue a refund only if we are able to fill your booth.
  • Between one (1) and six (6) days prior to the event, no refund will be provided.
  • If you cancel on the day of the event or do not show up for the event, you will not be eligible for a refund. You will also be required to make the payment (if you have not already done so) prior to registering for any future recruiting events.

Please note that for record-keeping purposes, if you are eligible for a refund, those funds will be returned to you but cannot be transferred to another event.


If you have questions, please contact any member of the Employer Relations Team

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