International Internships

International Internships are opportunities for students to gain academic credit while completing an encompassing experience abroad.


  1. Find and secure an international internship. For help with this step, contact or .
  2. Begin the international internship application process at least six weeks prior to departure. Starting earlier than this will also increase your chances of ensuring all requirements are completed prior to departure for your internship.
  3. Complete all required travel steps with the UVU Office for Global Engagement. Please contact for instructions.

After you have received approval for travel from the Office for Global Engagement then complete the following steps:

  1. Consult your college's Internship Coordinator to discuss major internship requirements.
  2. Complete the Internship Orientation.
  3. Apply for and register for academic credit with your Internship Coordinator.


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International internship employers provide internships specifically with their company/organization and they allow you the flexibility to book your own housing, travel, and expenses.
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International internship providers are programs that students can apply to. For one overall fee the provider assists in placing the student in an internship, finding housing, and provides other support.
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