Application Instructions

  1. Read the FAMS Internship Info Sheet.
  2. Locate an practicum opportunity. For help with this step, please contact your Internship Coordinator, .
  3. Complete Internship Orientation, and save your completion code. Your completion code will be displayed on your screen and emailed to you once you complete the orientation.
  4. Read How to Design and Report a Practicum.
  5. Have the following information available launching the application:
    • Name and physical address of internship provider or company
    • The name, email address, and phone number of your practicum/internship site supervisor (the person who will mentor you during your practicum)
    • The average number of hours that you will work per week
  6. Click "Start Application" below.
  7. Upon receipt of application approval by email, please refer to the registration instructions and included CRN number to register for your course. Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for your application to be finalized and to receive your registration instructions.

Special Instructions

  • This application becomes an internship contract with the understanding that you do not foresee any health, family life demands, or medical reasons to end your internship early. The contracted period for working in the field is the 15-week semester you are enrolled in the Canvas course. If there are extenuating circumstances or a personal hardship where you can never reasonably do an internship or that will cause you to end your internship early, click on this link named, “UVU Family Science Practicum Exemption” to file for an appeal.
  • Some applications, evaluations, and assignments will use the term "internship" rather than practicum. As a Family Science student, the terms practicum and internship will be used interchangeably.
  • If you are a behavioral science-family studies (BESC-FAST) major, please select Family Science when asked for your major in the application.
  • Students graduating in FAMS must complete a 3-credit internship course the same semester with one agency for 120 hours minimum. This amounts to roughly eight hours per week throughout the semester. In addition, there are Canvas online assignments each week for an additional 1 hour minimum/week. Total required hours 9-10/week minimum. Students must earn a B- final grade to pass the course in addition to completing 120 documented hours and successful submission of a professional portfolio.

Application Deadlines

Fall Spring Summer
August 1st December 1st May 1st


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