Before beginning this application please do the following:

Note: This is not the application for Student Leadership and Success Studies (SLSS) or University Studies credit. If this is the credit you are trying to obtain, please refer to the General Studies section.


  1. Meet with yourintegrated studies advisor to discuss which of your minors, or focus areas, would best fit the internship credit and how it might apply toward your graduation track.

  2. Locate an internship opportunity.  For help with this step, please contact Alyvia Meyer. You can also search for internships by using the following page.  Find Internships
  3. Complete Internship Orientation and save your completion code. Your completion code will be displayed to you once you complete the Orientation and will be sent to you by email as well.

  4. Return to the Applications for Academic Credit Page and on the right hand side, select which focus area you are planning to apply internship credit towards. Follow any necessary instructions on that application instruction page. (ie. Say you are an Integrated Studies major with Marketing & Communications focus; if you would like marketing credit, submit the marketing application, or if you would like communications credit, submit the communications application, etc.) NOTE: There is no IS internship course, however, it can apply to one of your different minors; or it can apply in place of your third IS 300R/350R course (discuss this option with your IS advisor)

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