Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Center for Constitutional Studies?

For information about the Center's mission and purpose, please visit the CCS Mission page.

Where is the Center located?

The Center is located in FL 305 (UVU Fulton Library). View map. of the UVU Fulton Library.

Where can I park?

UVU parking information is available on the UVU Parking Services website.

Are these events only for students?

CCS events are generally free and open to the public (unless otherwise specified). All who have interest in the covered topic or in constitutional studies are encouraged to attend.

Where will the events be held?

Visit the event page (usually linked to the CCS home page or the upcoming events page) for specific event dates, times, and locations.

UVU classrooms and auditoriums are usually described using two letters followed by a number (e.g. An event held in FL 120 would be held in the UVU Fulton Library, room 120). See campus maps and building floor plans on the  UVU Accessibility Services page.

Do I need tickets for this event?

Depending on the event tickets may be distributed but are not required for admission (with the exception of certain events held in the UCCU Center). Tickets may be obtained at the Center (LI 305) or reserved online on certain event pages. Specific information regarding tickets for events held in the UCCU Center can be found on the individual pages of upcoming events.

Are these events recorded, and will they be posted online?

Most events are recorded and later posted to the CCS YouTube channel.  Past events are archived on the Events page.

What plans does the Center have for future events?

Check the CCS homepage or Events page for information on upcoming events.

Can I or my organization cover/record this event?

Due to individual agreements made with the many participants in CCS events, these questions must be answered on an individual basis. Please contact Center Staff for more information.

Who can I contact if I have other questions?

Please see the CCS staff contact page for more information.