Academic Opportunities

Constitutional Studies Minor

Scene at the Signing of the Constitution of the United States
UVU’s Department of History and Political Science offers an excellent undergraduate Constitutional Studies program. Students who enroll in this special minor benefit from a rigorous curriculum and coursework examining European and Colonial foundations of American constitutionalism, the political thought and constitution-making of the American founding, and the framing and development of the U.S. Constitution. The Minor in Constitutional Studies is organizationally distinct from CCS. However, several CCS staff teach courses in the minor, and CCS continually encourages students through publicity efforts and scholarship opportunities to enroll in this exceptional program.
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Wood Assistantship

Students in Wood Assistantship
Eric Zachary Wood Student Teaching and Research Assistants work closely with staff and faculty at CCS and at the University of Oxford on a variety of projects ranging from the Quill Project to the Federalism Index to CCS marketing and events. The program recruits top students from across campus. Wood Assistants distinguish themselves as they develop knowledge and abilities that prepare them to flourish in graduate school and future careers. CCS usually hires new Wood Assistants at the beginning of each semester. Follow CCS social media and the UVU student job postings for opportunities to join the team!
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