Instructor FAQ & Resources

1. How does CE determine new programs or courses to offer?

  • Research is continuously being conducted on community wants/needs for education, learning, and recreation through local online social media forums, on market demand with other community education programs and trends throughout the U.S. and world in general.
  • Course proposal may also be submitted by contacting us at

2. How does CE find instructors?

  • Through a proposed course submission
  • Application for Adjunct Instructor-Community Education at
  • Experts in the specific field or course which is in demand
  • Instructors may also be UVU professors or employees, high school teachers, community leaders, or those qualified and interested who apply.

3. Who is qualified to teach CE Classes?

  • CE instructors must be experts or proficient in their field, have formal or informal teaching experience, be confident instructing in front of a class, be organized, and have the enthusiasm required to engage students in the subject.

4. How is instructor pay determined?

  • CE strives to pay instructors as equitably and as near to the market rate as possible according to applicable education, experience, and demand for the topic being taught.

5. How does CE set course prices?

  • A course cost is calculated using instructor costs, operational costs, materials costs, and competitor pricing.

6. How does CE market classes?

  • CE utilizes a variety of marketing mediums such as print, web, and social media.

7. If my course proposal is accepted, what paperwork must be completed before I can teach?

  • Several weeks before you can teach you must complete the UVU online employee application and all required paperwork with the UVU human resource office, which includes a background check as part of this process. You are required to sign a conflict of interest form every year and a contract for each class you teach each term.

8. When do instructors get paid?

  • The UVU payroll schedule is a semi-monthly lag cycle, with paydays on the 1st and 16th of each month. (i.e. hours worked between the 1st and 15th of the month will be paid on the 1st of the following month).

9. Who do I contact if I have problems with my payment?

  • Contact the Operations Specialist by phone at 801-863-8578 or email.

10. How can I access my W-2 form?

  • UVU issues Electronic Form W-2s. Form W-2s are available mid to late January of the following year. You can access your Form through myUVU or by using the direct link located on the Payroll Office web page (, under the Taxes tab. You will need your UV ID and password to access your W-2 form. If you don’t have a password, or have forgotten it contact the UVU IT Help Desk 801.863.8888.

11. What benefits do I receive as an instructor, other than pay?

  • Along with the great networking opportunities teaching with CE provides, all CE Instructors and their immediate family members receive discounts off community education classes.

12. How do I access my class rolls?

  • Go to Log-in using your Instructor ID and password. (Contact your coordinator if you don’t have it). Once you have logged in, a new screen will open with a list of the current classes being offered. There is a button stating: LIST. Click on it. The next screen will open up. Scroll to the bottom to find the “Attendance Sheet” button. Click on it. 6. The next screen will open up. Click Print Roster.

13. Who do I contact if my classroom is locked?

  • If you teach at UVU and the room is locked when you arrive to teach call 801.863.5555 (Campus Police).
  • If you are at another location contact your coordinator immediately.

14. What do I do if I have an emergency and am unable to teach a class?

  • Through a proposed course submission
  • If you are unable to teach a class, contact the students and your coordinator immediately to let them know. The missed class will be rescheduled as facilities and time allow.