CET Excellence Award Winners and Valedictorians

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CET Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards

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CET Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards

Name Department Award Award Year
Craig Bell CS Adjunct Excellence 2022-23
Sayeed Sajal CS Faculty Excellence 2022-23
Mohammad Shekaramiz ENGR Faculty Excellence 2022-23
Lynn Thackeray CS Lecturer Excellence 2022-23
Brandon Ro AED Scholarship Excellence 2022-23
Eric Linfield CT Service Excellence 2022-23
Joyce Porter Advising Staff Excellence 2022-23
Shelley Throckmorton CS Staff Excellence 2022-23
Emily Hedrick DGM Teaching Excellence 2022-23


Nominations for CET faculty and staff awards typically occur in spring term via the college administrative assistant, Lauren Hopkinson (lhopkinson@uvu.edu or extension 8995). The recipients are typically announced in early April. 

CET Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Awards

The purpose of the Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Award is to recognize full-time and adjunct faculty who have made significant contributions to UVU's mission through demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. Learn more about the faculty senate faculty excellence awards

CET Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence  Award Winners for 2022-2023


  • Craig Bell

  • Sayeed Sajal
  • Mohammad Shekaramiz

  • Lynn Thackeray

CET Student Excellence Awards

Student Excellence Award Winners

Name Department Major Award Award Year
Dallin R. Hansen  AED   Student Excellence 2022-23
David "Buddy" Conner  AVN   Student Excellence 2022-23
Nicholas Robertson CAI   Student Excellence 2022-23
Jaden Wilcox CS   Student Excellence 2022-23
Cody Morgan  CT   Student Excellence 2022-23
Dylan Smith  DGM   Student Excellence 2022-23
Easton D. Smith  ENGR   Student Excellence 2022-23
Adam J. Neff  ET   Student Excellence 2022-23
David Loper IST   Student Excellence 2022-23
Trevor Western TM   Student Excellence 2022-23
Andrew Brune TT   Student Excellence 2022-23
Mallory Duda TM   Graduate Student Excellence 2022-23
Jacob Stephens IST   Graduate Student Excellence 2022-23
Christopher Nagel CS   Graduate Student Excellence 2022-23

CET Valedictorians

CET Bachelor Valedictorians

Student Dept Major Year
Kayson Scott Christensen ENGR Mechanical Engineering 2022-23


CET Associate Valedictorians

Student Dept. Major Year
Isaac Joshua Allen ET MENT 2022-23