CET Excellence Award Winners and Valedictorians

Nominate a Faculty or Staff for a CET Excellence Award

Nominate a CET faculty or staff member for a Faculty or Staff Excellence Award for Calendar Year 2023-2024 [now closed for 2023-2024 year; 2024-2025 pending]. It will automatically be sent to the employees’ supervisor. If you have submitted a nomination, make sure you contact the supervisor so they know to look for the nomination in their adobe sign.

Timeline for 2024-2025 year:

    • Pending

Timeline for 2023-2024 year:

    • 2/9/2024 - Nominations are due to Lauren by NOON (via Email – email subject should be name of the Award Nominating)
    • 2/12/2024 - Nomination files sent to the committee chair. Committee chair sends nominations file to committee members.
    • 2/23/2024 - Committee submits recommendations to dean and associate deans.
    • 3/1/2024 – Winners Announced

For inquiries, contact the college administrative assistant, Lauren Hopkinson ([email protected] or extension 8995). 

CET Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards

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CET Faculty & Staff Excellence Awards for 2023-2024

Name Department Award Award Year
Mohammad Shekaramiz Engineering Scholarship Excellence 2023-24
Zachery Taylor Transport. Tech. Service Excellence 2023-24
Armen Ilikchyan Tech. Mgmt. Service Excellence 2023-24
Brendon Ball Dean's Office/CS Staff Excellence 2023-24
Todd Palmer Dean's Office Staff Excellence 2023-24
Rodayne Esmay Digital Media Teaching Excellence 2023-24
Khaled Shaaban Engineering Teaching Excellence 2023-24


CET Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Awards

The purpose of the Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence Award is to recognize full-time and adjunct faculty who have made significant contributions to UVU's mission through demonstrated excellence in teaching, scholarship, and service. Learn more about the faculty senate faculty excellence awards

CET Faculty Senate Faculty Excellence  Award Winners for 2022-2023


  • Craig Bell

  • Sayeed Sajal
  • Mohammad Shekaramiz

  • Lynn Thackeray

CET Student Excellence Awards for 2023-2024

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Student Excellence Award Winners

Name Department Award Award Year
Hailey Packard AED Student Excellence 2023-24
Adam Bunker AVN Student Excellence 2023-24
Kyra Risenmay CAI Student Excellence 2023-24
Natalina Mateaki CS Student Excellence 2023-24
Kelton Hartvigsen CT Student Excellence 2023-24
Tanner Mahovsky DGM Student Excellence 2023-24
Mason Davis ECE Student Excellence 2023-24
Daira (Day) Rodriguez ENGR Student Excellence 2023-24
Jayden Tanner ET Student Excellence 2023-24
Eric Pinckney IST Student Excellence 2023-24
Gavin McLaren TM Student Excellence 2023-24
Hunter Walker TT Student Excellence 2023-24
Shaydan Walker TM Graduate Student Excellence 2023-24
Kevin Hales IS&T Graduate Student Excellence 2023-24
Danny Razo CS Graduate Student Excellence 2023-24

CET Valedictorians

CET Bachelor Valedictorians

Student Dept Year
Zachary Ward ENGR 2023-24


CET Associate Valedictorians

Student Dept. Year
Leo Molineros IS&T 2023-24