CET Academic Department Student  Marketing Group

CET Academic Department Marketing Group Members Fall 2023-2024 include: 

  • Dan Hatch l Associate Professor - Digital Medial Faculty Mentor
  • Maddison Eborn; CET Marketing Manager
  • Ben Linton; Web Developer-CET
  • Ari Curtis; Area: Transportation Tech
  • Nicole Linnarz; Area: Engineering
  • Kylee Harward; Area: Construction Technologies
  • Katelyn Swain; Area: Computer Science
  • Yulissa Gil; Area: IS&T
  • Jenna Berndt; Area: Digital Media
  • Emma Lam; Area: Engineering Technology
  • Tessa Johnson; Area: Culinary Arts
  • Addi Lewis; Area: Aviation Technologies
  • Arcadia Chomjak; Area: Architecture & Engineering Design
  • Lauren Deland;  Area: Technology Management

See also: University Marketing and Communications

For those within CET you may also visit "CET Marketing Team" in Microsoft Teams and subsequently view relevant files at  https://uvu365.sharepoint.com/sites/Marketing_CET