About the Machine Shop

The Machine Shop makes various components for labs, departments, and senior capstone projects. It also provides manufacturing support that caters to the needs of the different colleges on campus. The Machine Shop services are available to the entire campus. To schedule a consultation form your project please fill out the Machine Shop Project Request Form and email or deliver it to the Shop.

Featured Projects

  • Featured Project in Machine shop
  • Featured Project with drill
  • Wolverine head carved in metal
  • Automotive Project with ruler

Machine Shop Access


I am a student who:
  • Needs training on a piece of equipment.
  • Needs to work on a lab for a registered class.
  • Needs to work on a senior capstone project.
  • Needs to work on a project approved by the College of Engineering and Technology.
  • Needs to learn more about or finish Machine Shop Safety Training.
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Faculty & Staff

I am a faculty or staff member who:
  • Needs to set a recurring schedule for Machine Shop lab demonstrations.
  • Needs to schedule time with Machine Shop Personnel to discussion Machine Shop services (lab creation, demonstrations, guest lectures, student requirements, etc.)
  • Has a project that requires machining and/or functional design.
  • Has other needs not mentioned above.
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Contact Us The Machine Shop @ UVU is here to help!


800 W. University Parkway, GT-520a, Orem, UT

(South end of Gunther Technology building where it joins the west side of the Noorda building.)

Phone Number



[email protected]


Monday–Friday: 9am–3pm