CET Student Research and Creative Works Funding

In addition to the scholarships awarded every year, CET independently, and in conjunction with UVU, offers several opportunities for student recognition, professional development, and potential conference and symposia participation. Student projects while at UVU and students’ academic and scholarly activities in technology and engineering are valued the most and are recognized through these awards and grants.

Funding Within the College

The term “scholarly activities” is used broadly to include not just academic publications, but also professional development, research projects, engaged learning opportunities, and similar. It can also include competitions, contests, and record-breaking attempts. Applications for student-driven activities, which may
also be supported by a faculty mentor/advisor, are also considered. Completed forms must be submitted electronically to the CET Associate Dean of Student Affairs. When multiple individuals are involved, the names, UV IDs, and departments of all individuals should be included.

As of 4/3/2024 we have no more funds available for the 2023-2024 academic year.

2024-2025 academic year only requestors can be faculty, students, or staff. View the 2024-2025 CET funding request form 

View final results for 2023-2024

Campus-wide Student Research Funding

The UVU campus has funding resources for students who work with faculty mentors to conduct in-depth
research or creative work related to their chosen field of study. Funds are available multiple times each year,
including for travel for conference participation and presentation. Furthermore, there are several other
opportunities for students who wish to pursue their own research if they have a faculty mentor working with

The following web page provides list of opportunities that are funded by UVU for student research: