Paramedic Students Participate in Teleflex Cadaver Lab



In September, the medical equipment company Teleflex came to Utah Valley University to give trainings of its equipment to professionally certified paramedics and nurses of the state of Utah. UVU’s Emergency Services Department hosted the event and students from the department had the opportunity to participate in the hands-on learning practicing skills on cadavers with the support of trained professionals. 

 In addition to current UVU students, many of the professionals who came were UVU alumni. Alum Jeremy Sparks graduated from Paramedic Class 28. He also earned a Bachelor’s degree in emergency services administration with an emphasis in emergency care during his time at UVU. Now, Sparks works for the Lehi Fire Department. 

“Teleflex is putting on a Cadaver Lab that gives us the opportunity to practice our skills,” Sparks said. “We’re practicing intraosseous infusion (IO) to give medications, as well as the opportunity to use a video laryngoscope. They are important skills that we need to know."

“It was really helpful to practice these skills on real tissue instead of on a mannequin,” paramedic student Benjamin Huston agreed.

This unique opportunity brought together emergency responders from all over the state. Jeremy reminded us that these are critical skills for the job, and Teleflex’s cadaver training is a great place to learn those skills. 

“Just last month I did a video intubation,” Sparks said. “And I did an IO during my paramedic practical. Video intubation is our main airway skill, but you don’t get as many opportunities to practice in the field. That’s why these trainings are so important.”

The benefits from the training impact not only UVU and its students, but the communities the paramedics and other emergency response professionals serve across the state. 

utah valley university paramedic uvu

utah valley university paramedic uvu