Club Resources

Additional information and supplemental forms to help your club succeed in your activities! If additional help is needed, contact your club ambassador or the Clubs office, [email protected].

Club Registration

Clubs Handbook

The Clubs Handbook provides clubs with knowledge to aid in their success. Get important dates and deadlines, learn the information to complete forms, and know policies and procedures for clubs at Utah Valley University.

Clubs Handbook

Club Constitution Writing Guides

Every club is required to submit a constitution when registering. Your club constitution is the set of rules and guidelines that govern the club.

Constitution Requirements:

  • Mission/Purpose of the club
  • President and club officer requirements
  • Leadership election/selection process
  • Leadership removal/vacancy process
  • By-laws describing how the club functions
  • Club dues, if charged and amount
  • UVU non-discrimination policy

Formal Constitution

Simple Constitution

Every club constitution must include the UVU Non-Discrimination Policy. You can copy and paste the policy text into your constitution as the last paragraph.

UVU Non-Discrimination Policy

Clubs Learning Library

Learning Library

Are you not quite sure how to fill out a form or even what form you need? Our Learning Library has short videos to help you step-by-step.

How to Guides on our YouTube Channel


Clubs Publicity

The Clubs Office has expanded the publicity options available to clubs. Those low cost or no cost options can be selected as one of our publicity packages or as individual options on the a la carte menu.

  • Designed Publicity
    • Club designs – Designs created by the club for their event.
    • Design Library – Thirty (30) designs made specifically for UVU clubs by the Student Leadership and Involvement department graphic designers. These requests take about 7-14 days to complete and do not include printing time.
    • Custom graphic designs – Unique designs made by the Student Leadership and Involvement graphic designers. Custom design requests are free and take up to 8 weeks to complete, which does not include printing time.
  • Digital Publicity
    • Digital Signage – Digital displays throughout campus that run graphics for 14 calendar days.
    • Clubs social media – Clubs can have the Clubs Office post event graphics on our social media platforms, Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or we can repost your event by tagging us.
  • Printed Publicity
    • Flyers – Quarter sheets, 4.25”x5.5”, with event details that are passed out in hallways.
    • Posters – Event posters, 11”x17”, can be hung in designated spaces throughout campus. One (1) to twenty-five (25) posters can hang for two (2) months, while twenty-six (26) to fifty (50) posters can hang for one (1) month.
    • A-Frames – Double-sided plastic boards that holds 24”x36” laminated signs. Up to two (2) A-Frames can be placed outside by Campus Connection.
    • Banners – Printed paper 42”x60” event banners that hang from the hallway ceiling in various locations throughout campus. There is no cost for banners, but these are only available for events open to all students.
    • Yard Signs – Double-sided corrugated plastic signs displaying horizontal 17”x11” event posters. They are placed outdoors by Campus Connection. Up to 19 yard-signs can be placed around campus and the cost to print the 38 posters is approximately $25.
  • Publicity Check-Outs
    • Tablecloths – Clubs Office logo tablecloths for banquet length tables. These are for check-in tables at events or tabling in the hallway.
    • Backdrops – Double-sided 10’ backdrop with Clubs Office & Do More of What You Love logos.
    • Pop-up Banners – Do More of What You Love vertical pop-up banners.

Clubs Design Library

The Student Leadership and Involvement department graphic designers created 30 design specifically for UVU clubs. Clubs can select a design from the library and the graphic designers will add the event information and send you the design in 7 to 14 days.

Clubs Design Library

Publicity Packages

The Clubs Office offers four (4) packages and an al a carte menu based on the size of your club's event. The chart below will show you the items available in each package, the size event each package is designed for, and the estimated cost of the package.

  Platinum Package Gold Package Silver Package Bronze Package
  Large Events: Open to the Student Body & Community Smaller Events: Open to the Student Body Clubs/Department Events or Meetings Meetings/Practice
  Over 200 People 125-200 People 50-125 People 1-35 People
  ~$52-$65 ~$32-$45 ~$12-$25 No Cost
Designed Publicity        
Club's Own Design X X X X
Clubs Design Library X X X X
Graphic Designers X X    
Digital Publicity        
Connect Events & Online Calendar X X X X
Digital Signage X X X X
Social Media X X X X
Printed Publicity        
A-Frames (2) X X    
Banners (2) X      
Flyers(250) X      
Posters (25) X X X  
Yard Signs (19) X X    
Publicity Check-Outs        
Directional A-Frame X X    
Other Check-outs X X    

Downloadable Publicity Packages

UVU Clubs Medallions

The UVU Clubs Medallion needs to be on all print and digital publicity club’s create and use. The medallion also needs to be on your club shirts.

Publicity Templates

When creating print or digital media to advertise your event or club, you need to submit the graphics in the correct size. Here is the chart of publicity templates or you can download the page.


Downloadable Publicity Templates


Activity Participation Agreement

Clubs are required to complete the Activity Participation Agreement for any of the following club activities.

  • Activities where someone may be injured
  • Physical activities
  • Activities involving physical contact like material arts or sparring

Adobe Sign - Activity Participation Agreement

Activity Participation Agreement

Activity Participation Agreement (Spanish)

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