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ButterflyOgdenVideo Summary of Lab Activities

Insect Evolution and Mayfly Phylogenomics

The Ogden Lab focuses on phylogenetic insect research to develop well-supported hypotheses using molecular and morphological data for higher-level basal pterygote and ephemeropteran relationships, and then use these phylogenies to evaluate evolutionary processes. We propose that our research will lead into the investigation of the evolution of flight and mayfly characters (subimago, gills, tusks, body form, etc.), the ecological forces that drive these changes, and their genetic mechanisms of control. We also carry out general insect collecting and natural history studies, for example we have been cataloging and studying the insects of Capitol Reef National Park.



We carry out research on bioinformatics and sequence analysis. Specifically, we are trying to understand of sequence alignment and topology accuracy, indel models, and concurrent analysis methodologies, among other interests. 


We are also interested in the pedogy of flipped clarrsooms, online vs face-to-face, and the acceptance of evolution by students and what we can do as an instructors to improve acceptance.



  • Phylogenetics and Evolution of Mayflies (Ephemeroptera)
  • Phylogeny of Coloburiscidae
  • Phylogeny of Siphlonuridae
  • Phylogeny of the Carnivorous Mayflies (Ameletopsidae)
  • Characterization of Opsin Genes in Mayflies using Transcriptome Data
  • Insects of Capitol Reef National Park
  • Online vs Face to Face Instruction
  • Acceptance of Evolution in General Biology Students
  • Acceptance of Evolution in Biology Majors
  • Effectivness of In-class Interventions of Hominin Skulls to Increasing the Acceptance of Human Evolution




  • UVU Showcase 2019 - October 24, 2019:
    • Our very Lab Manager, Talia Backman, won 2nd place in the Life Science field. She did research in the Phylogenetic Relatioinshiips of Minnow Mayflies (Sipholonuridae).