The Graduate Certificate in Mathematics aims to improve mathematics education and student achievement by focusing on two specific research-supported areas. First, by delivering high-quality content-based knowledge critical to student achievement, and second, by targeting in-service teachers who desire to teach dual credit in high school, given that dual-credit/dual-enrollment students are more likely to persist in college and are more likely to complete a bachelor’s degree in less time than those who did not attempt college credits in high school. Graduate courses for this program will be offered as evening classes and during summer sessions to match in-service teacher’s schedules and will be taught on the main campus and live-interactive by Utah Valley University’s full-time graduate faculty. 

Scholarship Information 

Students with a bachelor degree in mathematics or mathematics education are eligible to apply. Teachers with a level 4 endorsement in mathematics are eligible for tuition waiver.

The Qualifying Exam:
Following admission to the graduate program, every student will be required to pass the qualifying exam before taking the core courses. This exam will be given at the beginning of every Fall semester.  

Preparation for the Qualifying Exam:
A refresher course will be offered to prepare the students for the qualifying exam and the core courses in the program. The refresher course MATH 6000 will run every summer.  Students will consolidate their knowledge on topics from undergraduate mathematics such as calculus, real analysis, abstract algebra, geometry, and topology.  See general infromation on the Qualifying Exam below. : ( General Exam Information )