Frequently Asked Questions

Why it pays to be a math geek!

What is a prerequisite and test score error?

Placement into math courses by any means (ACT score, prerequisite course grade, or Accuplacer placement test) expires after two years.  Students who have not taken a math course in two or more years will receive the “prerequisite and test score error” message when attempting to register for a math course.  Placement can be reestablished by taking a Math Refresher Workshop or by retaking the Accuplacer placement exam.


Can I still register for my next math class if I get a prerequisite and test score error?

 No, not until placement is reestablished.  There are three ways to regain placement into a math course:  take a Math Refresher Workshop (effective for one semester only), take the Accuplacer placement test (good for two years), or retake your most recently passed math course (good for two years).

Math Refresher Workshops are generally the best option for students since they are inexpensive ($35-45) and do not require students to take a placement test.  Students must attend all sessions of every workshop (held during the week immediately prior to the semester) in order to maintain placement in their course.

The Accuplacer placement test is available during regular business hours at the  UVU Testing Center.  Placement results vary widely for different students, however, depending on the amount of math remembered.

What is a Math Refresher Workshop and for whom are the workshops designed?

Math Refresher Workshops are for students who have been away from mathematics for two or more years.  The workshops are designed to help students remember the math they have forgotten and allow them move on to their next math course without having to repeat previous courses or take the Accuplacer placement test.   Workshops are course-specific: there is a different workshop available for each general education course numbered MATH 1030 or higher.  See the Math Advisor for details, or go to the Student Resources link from the Math Department homepage.


When are the Math Refresher Workshops offered?

Math Refresher Workshops are held the week immediately preceding each semester—Fall, Spring, and Summer.  Scheduling varies slightly from semester to semester based on instructor availability.  "Click Here"  the Math Refresher Workshop registration link for more details.


Will I be able to register for my next math class if I sign up for the Math Refresher Workshop?

Yes. Within one business day of registering for the appropriate Math Refresher Workshop, a prerequisite override will be entered into UVU’s registration system allowing the student to enroll in the desired course section for the upcoming semester. However, students must attend every session of the workshop or the override will be revoked and placement will need to be reestablished by some other means. See the Math Refresher Workshop homepage for more information."Click Here"


How many times can the Math Refresher Workshop be taken?

Only once, so use the opportunity wisely.  The Math Refresher Workshop must be taken immediately prior to the semester during which the corresponding math course will be taken.  If, after registering for the Math Refresher Workshop, a student decides to delay taking the math course, contact the Math Advisor immediately to discuss refund options.