UVU affirms its commitment to the highest ethical and professional standards, as expressed in our Code of Conduct. Each department is responsible for upholding the rigorous ethical demands imposed by law and university policy as they carry forward the University's mission and strategic plan. The Compliance Office is here to help.


"Through our shared commitment to integrity and ethical behavior, UVU will be successful Holland with Studentin conducting its business activities, fulfilling its mission of serving students, and strengthening its professional reputation for excellence and integrity."

-President Holland


What Compliance Offers

1) Advice.  Delivers issue- or project-specific compliance assistance and advice to university compliance partners (everyone!).

2) Tracking.  Maintains an inventory/matrix of evolving compliance obligations and deadlines to ensure proper ownership of each obligation. 

3) Coordination.  Coordinates the University's compliance activities (laws, regulations, contractual requirements) across operational units. 

4) Assessment.  Proactively researches and disseminates information on emerging compliance issues and processes. 

5) Conflict of Interest Management.  Oversees the University’s annual conflict of interest disclosure process and implements management plans as necessary.

6) Reporting.  Assists in managing and investigating compliance-related complaints made through EthicsPoint, the reporting hotline, or directly to the Compliance Office.

7) Communication.  Develops and improves communication to the community on compliance issues and opportunities.

8) Training.  Promotes training and professional development of campus compliance partners, and helps identify training gaps.