Conflict of Interest

Members of the UVU community lead varied and exciting lives on- and off-campus. They engage with business, industry, private foundations, nonprofits, and government agencies in both volunteer and compensated roles. We celebrate vigorous engagement with the world beyond our institution, and enjoy corollary learning opportunities, collaborations, and reputational benefits. Indeed, we encourage employees to make the most of their multifaceted pursuits by remaining cognizant of potential and apparent conflicts of interest. 

UVU's Compliance Office endeavors to assist employees with (1) identifying apparent and potential conflicts of interest and (2) strategically managing such conflicts. This process is preventive, not punitive. It aims to maximize the University's public confidence and the employee's professional credibility. It also helps to keep employees in compliance with the Utah Public Officers' and Employees' Ethics Act and UVU Policy.


Conflict of Interest Disclosure

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Supervisor COI Dashboard

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Disclosure and Management Process

1) Disclosure

All employees must answer the questions in the confidential Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form honestly and completely (1) upon hire, (2) annually, (3) after a substantial change in employment responsibilities, and (4) immediately when a conflict of interest arises.

Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form

2) Assessment

With help from the employee's supervisor and other specialists as needed, the University Compliance Officer will assess (1) whether an actual, potential, or apparent conflict of interests exists, and (2) whether the conflict is manageable.  A "yes" answer on the Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form does not necessarily mean a conflict exists.

University Policy 114 Conflict of Interest

3) Management

Employees can resolve most apparent or potential conflicts of interest through thoughtful planning.  If a conflict of interest is present, the employee and their supervisor will create a confidential Conflict of Interest Management Plan.  The University Compliance Officer and the employee's supervisor must approve the management plan. 

Conflict of Interest Management Plan Template (docx)