Export Control Documents and Form

The term “export controls” typically refers to regulations regarding shipping or taking items out of the United States overseen by several federal agencies, such as the Departments of State, Commerce, and Treasury. These agencies implement laws to protect national security, promote foreign policy, enforce imposed sanctions on foreign entities, and in some cases to control short supplies. The regulations govern the international transfer of military and most commercial items, including but not limited to: hardware, software, technical information, and certain services. In addition to the transfer of items out of the United States, the term “export” also refers to the release of controlled software source code or technical information to a foreign national, whether in the U.S. or abroad.

Export control regulations are intricate. Penalties and fines imposed for export control violations can be severe and include criminal, civil and administrative charges. When you click on the Export Control Training you will receive a short training presentation to help you complete the Export control Form. In the training presentation there is also an option to  have more detailed training if desired. You are encouraged to seek assistance for any questions on the topic.

Export Control Documents


This policy implements US laws and regulations regarding the export or re-export of certain items, technologies, software, and services regulated for reasons of national security, foreign policy, prevention of the spread of weapons of mass destruction and for competitive trade.

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This training promotes professional development of campus compliance partners, and helps identify training gaps.

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After completing the short training presentation, visit the Office for Global Engagement's website to fill out the Export Control Form.

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