Grant and Contract Administration

Utah Valley University is a growing and complex organization. As a result, compliance-related issues occasionally arise in the areas of grant management and/or contract services. The University Compliance Office works with various university academic and non-academic departments to appropriately address these issues or concerns.

Post-award activities are those processes and activities that take place after the grant, contract, or cooperative agreement has been awarded to the university. Once a grant or contract award is made, its success is contingent not only on the ability of the principal investigator/project director to carry out the project, but also on the ability of the university to provide proper stewardship of the funds awarded. This proper stewardship should not be viewed so much as a control function, but rather as providing support to the project to achieve the ultimate goal originally proposed.

serves as a link between the academic, development, financial and other divisions of the university. While a number of individuals and departments within the university are involved in a variety of activities associated with each grant or contract, the Compliance Office tracks each grant, contract, or cooperative agreement and establishes and maintains the university's official file.

The Compliance Officer is responsible to ensure and document compliance with all applicable Federal and funding source regulations, state law, and university policies and procedures governing grants and contracts. The Compliance Officer also directs the administrative functions provided by the unit to comply with Federal bio-safety, animal and human subject assurances as they relate to research integrity and grant/contract management.

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