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Thinking of a Law Enforcement Career?

If you think a Law Enforcement career is right for you

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This is the path

A Career in Law Enforcement is interesting & exciting

A Career in Law Enforcement offers medical & retirement benefits

A Career in Law Enforcement is a career you & your family can be proud of

Law Enforcement Academy at Utah Valley University

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UVU is a satellite academy of Utah Peace Officer Standard and Training (POST). 

It is offered in two modules/college credit classes.

The first module (7 credit hours) of the academy contains the training hours necessary to be certified as a Special Function Officer (SFO). A SFO Certification allows a person to work in a limited number of Special Function positions such as a Transportation Officer, or a SFO Officer at the State Hospital. The SFO training Module consists of hours made up primarily of Criminal Code, Physical Fitness, Arrest Control and various other classes. You must pass the first module to continue on to the second module.

The second module (11 credit hours), commonly called the LEO module, is where the action is. Some of the classes include: Accident Investigation, Firearms, Crimes in Progress, Patrol, Sex Crimes Investigations, Physical Fitness, Arrest Control and many others. In order to become certified as a Law Enforcement Officer, students must complete the first module and the second module.

The academy program is a regimented course that demands respect and attention to detail. Maturity is a must in order to graduate and have a chance to be hired as a Law Enforcement Officer. Prospective students should not apply if they are not prepared to make the academy experience a top priority in their lives.