CS Instructional Assistance & Tutoring

Only in CS 726


UVU's Mission:  Utah Valley University is an integrated university and community college that educates every student for success in work and life through excellence in engaged teaching, services and scholarship.

To better uphold UVU's mission and values of exceptional care, exceptional accountability and exceptional results, the Computer Science department is  extending our reach toward our student's quality experience through tutoring.  

IA Program:

Our Instructional Assistants (IA) are skilled in a variety of our CS courses and are excited to contribute to the success of our students in their CS courses.  IA's are in close contact with our instructors and are kept up to date with the CS course materials, assignments, instruction, etc.  As such, as our course content, assignments and materials are updated and changed, the IA's are kept current as well.  For example: CS1400 and CS1410 have gone through a few adjustments since Summer 2023 .  IA's perform tasks such as tutoring, grading and course content feedback.  Some IA's are assigned to specific courses and/or instructors, others are more generalized and can assist with multiple courses.  


Choose carefully who you go to for help with your courses.  As well-meaning as fellow classmates, seasoned students that have passed the course, and other campus or private tutors may be, our IA's are the best equipped to help you (see underlined above).  And, above all else, please utilize the instructor's office hours!  

Students alone are individually responsible for the work they turn in.  Regardless of external resources utilized, the work a student submits is expected to be their own original work - otherwise, it is considered plagiarism and cheating.


Our IA's, as helpful as they may be, are just one avenue for our student's success.  Class attendance, utilizing instructor office hours for direct instructor assistance, study and note taking skills, and time management skills remain integral to a student's success.

We encourage all students to take advantage of the many student success services on campus.  Here are a few examples..




There are many other campus resources available to you as a student at UVU just an internet search away.


Become a CS IA

The link above will take you to our most current job posting.  We hire and make assignments at the beginning and end of each semester.  IA positions can be renewed on a semester by semester basis, but as students graduate, take on full-time jobs, etc. there are frequently opportunities for new students to come on board.  So, if you do not see a current job posting, keep checking back . 

IMPORTANT NOTE:  Instructional Assistants can NOT be employed by any open tutoring lab on campus at the same time.

IA Assignments

Currently, our IA's are assigned to specific courses.  In order to enlist their assistance, you must be a registered student in the particular course you need help with.  To contact and schedule a session with a course IA, please use your course Canvas messaging system or check the course Canvas announcement page for other contact info to reach the IA.

General CS Tutoring

General tutoring is available to all UVU students and UVU employees.  Walk-in and by appointment tutoring is available during the lab hours listed below.

Any activity outside of the posted hours is by appointment only.  Appointments are made between the IA and the students registered for the course the IA assists for.  A time and place is worked out within the course's Canvas communication avenues. 

Please do not disturb anyone in the lab outside of the lab hours.  They are working on special projects or with an appointment and are unable to assist walk-ins.

Location: CS Lab, CS726

CS Dept IA's in this lab only

Summer 2024



Block I: M-F 11am - 4pm

Block II: M-Th 11am - 4pm



Outside of these hours is by appointment only

Walk-in: For 1000-2000 level courses only

For 3000-4000 level courses: See instructor or make an appointment with course IA

For questions about the CS IA program please contact:

James Hancock on MS Teams, (801) 863-7150, [email protected]