What to Expect When Visiting the Dentist




When you first get to the dental office you will talk to the nice lady at the front, called the receptionist. She might have your mom or dad fill out some papers. 


Your hygienist will come to get you and take you into the office and show you the big, fun chair that you get to sit in and ride around on. 


You'll get pictures taken of your teeth called x-rays. The special camera we use lets us see inside your teeth!


Your hygienist will show you all of the cool tools she uses then she'll lay your chair back and clean your teeth. 


Then you get to meet the doctor and they will look at your teeth to see if you have cavities. 


Now you get some goodies to take home and you can pick out a prize if you were really good!

A detailed description of what to expect at your dental appointment:

Going to the dentist is a fun and exciting experience! Here are a few things you will get to do when you go. First, your parent/guardian will let the person at the front desk know you are there, and they will fill out some paperwork. While you are waiting, you can play with whatever toys or games they have! When the dental hygienist is ready for you, she will come up to the front and call your name. She will guide you to a big chair that you will get to sit in. She might take x-rays of your teeth. X-rays is just a cool word for pictures of your teeth. A device will be placed in your mouth and then a camera will take a picture of your teeth through your cheek! After that, the dental hygienist will look in your mouth and clean all your teeth, so they are nice and shiny. She might put something called fluoride on your teeth to help them grow strong. Fluoride comes in many flavors and you can choose which flavor you want! The dentist will come in and look at your teeth to make sure they are healthy and strong. When the dentist is all done you will get a cool new toothbrush to take home!