Since most dental hygiene programs are expensive, we recommend you apply for as many scholarships as possible. UVU and the American Dental Hygiene Association (ADHA) provide many scholarship opportunities. Please take the time to search for these and apply.

Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE)

The Western Undergraduate Exchange (WUE) is for students who are residents fo specific western states. 

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ADHA Scholarships

Academy of LDS Dentists Scholarships

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Princess Dental Staffing Dental Scholarship 

Career Development Center

Having access to the right tools and support can make all the difference. The UVU Career Development Center can help you see how classwork and career preparation work together to make you a better candidate for finding a job in the professional world. Many resources are available on campus to help you make a plan and direct you in ways to distinguish yourself on your resume and interviews.

Career Development Center

Professional Organizations

As an ADHA member you’re connected at the national and local level. You can stay on top of trends and research with free publications, be your best with high-quality webinars and CE, and take advantage of powerful advocacy efforts and networking opportunities that help advance your career. But most importantly, you’ll meet and make friends with members in your state and across the country. Whether you’re a student, teacher, well-established dental hygienist or just embarking on your career, a legislator or political advocate, the benefits of membership are numerous and varied. The key to getting the most value from your ADHA membership is to use it. Your membership enables ADHA to bring you the resources and shared knowledge to expand your professional potential and further your success.
As a SADHA student member, you receive all the benefits of full membership, plus additional opportunities for personal and professional development. Later, when you make the transition from student to professional, you can count on the continued support of ADHA and your fellow members every step of the way.

FAQ by Area

Degrees and Programs

What is the statistic of students who graduate from the AAS and find jobs afterward?

100% of our students graduate, pass their boards, and find jobs as dental hygienists (some part-time, some full-time).

Do most AAS DH students go on to the BS?

Yes, most of them do.

If they have graduated from an accredited dental hygiene program, they can do their BS DH here. See an advisor for more information.

If they have graduated from an accredited dental hygiene program, they can do their BS DH here. See an advisor for more information.

Do students have to apply to get into the BS DH?

Students do not need to apply to get into the BS DH, they just need to speak with a Dental Hygiene Advisor.

Is there a way to prep for the HSRT?

There is no study guide that we know of.

Is there a certain number of total times students can take the HSRT over the years?

Students can only take the test once per application year, but they can apply to the program as many times as they want.

How does the ranking breakdown work for the grades and the HSRT scores?

The breakdown is not currently available for students to see. The breakdown does change but currently anatomy and physiology are weighted a little heavier.

Are there any exceptions on the timing of the HSRT or observation hours for missionaries who are coming home right before/after the application due date?

No exceptions are made. The HSRT must be completed in the Sept-Jan before applying and the observation hours need to be completed in the timeframe 6–12 months prior to applying.

Where is the form to record applicants’ observation hours?

View and download the Dental Office Observational form

Are the HSRT and the HESI Test the same thing?

No. The HESI is a practice exam to help prepare Nursing students for their licensure exams. It is often used to help predict the student's likelihood of success in tests. This exam is computerized and administered online in a four-hour setting.

The HSRT is a health science reasoning test, and tests critical thinking and decision-making skills. The HSRT is specifically calibrated for trainees in undergraduate and graduate health sciences educational programs. Scores on this instrument have been found to predict successful professional licensure and high clinical performance ratings. This test can be taken in 50 minutes.

Do the HSRT results need to be submitted in a sealed envelope?

Only the college transcripts need to be in a sealed envelope. The HSRT simply requires the official stamp from the UVU Testing Center.

Can students not in the area take the HSRT somewhere besides the UVU Testing Center?

Yes. They will email the dental hygiene advisor when they are ready to take the test and he/she will work with them to set up a proctor at a college in their location. If they do this, they will not need a voucher to take the test.

Become a Student

Where do students turn in their applications?

Students can turn in applications to our Dental Hygiene advisor office or the Dental Hygiene administrative assistant; they may also apply online. The Dental Hygiene department can help students with questions about their applications; the Dental Hygiene advisor is also willing to help.

Who should the letters of reference be from?

Letters of reference should be from either a current supervisor/employer or an academic instructor.

What’s the schedule like if a student gets accepted into the dental hygiene program?

Classes are held Monday-Thursday, 8-4:30. We try to give students Fridays off but sometimes there will be commitments and requirements from the program on Friday also. Students have summers off. This is a cohort program—students can’t take classes outside of the cohort sequence and are expected to treat the program like a job.

Do applications have to be at the dental hygiene advisor’s office at 4 p.m. on designated application day or can they be postmarked by then?

Applications will be accepted if they are postmarked by the due date.

Are the letters of recommendations to be mailed directly to the admissions committee, or can the applicant receive the letters themselves and then attach the letters of recommendation to their file?

Students may send letters of recommendation directly to the dental hygiene advisor or submit them with the rest of their packet info.

Does licensure substitute for graduating from an accredited program for the purposes of coming here for a BS DH?

No. Students must have graduated from an accredited program to come here for a BS DH. Shalece Nuttall, the Dental Hygiene academic advisor, will handle all questions concerning whether a program is accredited.

If a student has completed all the non-DENT classes prior to starting the program, will they have enough classes to take in the program to be eligible for financial aid?

This question cannot be answered without seeing the classes a student has already completed. We advise the student to speak with the Dental Hygiene advisor.

Do students have to be current UVU students to apply to DH?

Anyone may apply to DH, but if they are accepted to the dental hygiene program, they must apply to UVU ASAP.

When students take the prereqs somewhere else, do they need to make sure the prereqs are the same number of credits they are here?

Prerequisites from other insititutions are not required to be the same number of credits. For example, if a student’s lecture/lab combo is 3 credits at their university while ours is 4, that’s fine as long as the credits transfer as the correct lecture and lab classes.

Do students get extra points on their application for doing the MTECH dental assisting program?

Students who have completed the MTECH dental assisting program receive extra points towards the admittance process.


What are some backup majors in case students aren’t accepted into dental hygiene?

Students may also consider community health, nursing, other dental hygiene programs (SLCC, Dixie, Weber are other USHE schools). The Utah College of Dental Hygiene is also available but is not recommended. Even though they take 60 students a year, it’s really expensive (~$60,000).

What major is Pre-Dental Hygiene?

AS PREP with a pre-dental hygiene attribute (PPDH)

Do we advise on the Dental Hygiene Program?

We do not advise on the DH program. We advise on the prereqs and application only. When students are ready to learn more about the program itself (scheduling, classes, etc.), they need to meet with our Dental Hygiene advisor

Does a student need straight As to get in?

A student can be competitive with a few Bs but having all As helps. Applications are scored on final grades in the prereq classes plus their HSRT score

What should a student do after they’ve done all the prereqs?

  • Students can complete the three non-DENT classes in the major—NUTR 1020, Micro 2060/65, and Phil 205G. The “G” class is strongly advised in case students go on to the BS
  • It’s recommended students complete GEs as a backup plan in case they don’t get in or in the event they do and want to go on to a BS in DH. They can work on BS classes if they want to, although that’s risky if they don’t get in.
  • If they complete 12 credits and have “extra” courses to choose from, we can sub in 2 credits.
  • For students in a bind because of financial aid requirements, sometimes it is beneficial them to change to community health so their classes can count toward their major. It is also a good backup degree.

Can AP scores be used as the prereqs and how are they scored?

AP scores can be used for the prereqs. The breakdown is 5 = A, 4 = A-, 3 = B+

What happens if a student takes the prereqs more than twice?

Students can still apply, but the DH program will just look at the second attempt, even if students take the class again after that.

Do AP test scores count as one of students’ two chances to take a class?


Can the prereq science courses be taken together?

The science prereqs are difficult. We discourage students from taking them together unless they absolutely have to in order to apply by a certain deadline. It is never recommended to take anatomy and physiology together.

How long will Biol 1010 count as a prereq for anatomy and physiology?

The most recent update (1/30/2018) is that Biol 1010 will count as the prereq through summer 2019. However, we should still advise students to take Biol 1610 in preparation for the future when it won’t count.

Can QL 1900 credit be used for the math prereq?

Yes, as long as it was a stats or college algebra course, which is stated on the transcript. Math for the real world won’t be accepted. Also, the program requires a final grade to rank, which means if a student tested high enough to get their math waived, they still have to take a course to get a final letter grade.

Can students have either Stat 1040 or Math 1050 for the BS Dental Hygiene as well as the AAS?

Yes, either is accepted.

For Biol 1010 and 1610, does the second class students take between those two count as their second attempt in the class? Or do they get two attempts in each class, and if so, which attempt counts?

Up until the DH program only accepts 1610, Biol 1010 and Biol 1610 are treated as separate courses. DH will take the best course and grade of the two (assuming they take both 1010 and 1610). For example, if a student has Biol 1010 (Fall 2016—A), Biol 1610 (Spring 2017—B-), and Biol 1610 (Fall 2017—B+), DH would count Biol 1010 (Fall 2016—A) for the application because it is the highest.

Is there a recommended sequence for the prereq courses (a template)?

There is no recommended sequence for prereqs, as too many variables affect the sequence.

Can a student take Chem 1110 if they are tested into Math 1055?

Yes. If the student has tested into Math 1055, they can take that at the same time as Chem 1110 without an override to do it

Do the Dental Hygiene prereqs expire?

DH requeqs do not expire. Even if a class was taken some time ago, it can still be used as part of the application for the program

Does it matter if prereqs come from UVU or are transferred from another college?

It doesn’t matter where prereqs come from as long as the classes transfer over correctly.

Is there a physiology lab at BYU that can be transferred as our Zool 2425?

PDBIO 363: Advanced Physiology Lab will count for the DH program even though it transfers as EL 3900.

What grade is needed for the Comm 1020/1050, Soc 1010, and Psy 1010 classes?

Students need to get a C- or better for the classes to count.

Will DH accept Chem 1210 in place of Chem 1110?


Can students redo just the lecture or lab of a class if they got a good grade in one and a bad grade in another?

If the lecture and lab are separate courses and have their own individual grade, DH will look at them as separate grades when ranking them. For instance, if a student takes the LAB portion twice, DH would use their second lab grade in the ranking. However, if they took the lecture only once, DH would use that one lecture grade in the ranking. Some universities combine the two (lecture and lab) and students only get one grade. In this case, this one grade would count as their first attempt. This applies to UVU students and transfer students.

If a student’s prereq classes are from AP or transfer, do they have to have those grades sent to DH from AP/the college where they were taken?

No, they can be removed from the UVU transcript.

Does AP Bio count for the DH program?

Yes, AP Bio counts for DH, until they stop accepting Biol 1010. However, if the student has not taken Anatomy/Physiology, they’ll probably need to do Biol 1610 anyway, in which case DH won’t even look at their AP Bio grade.

Does AP Chem count for DH?

Yes. It gives students credit for Chem 1110, so they are good. AP Chem will be accepted as the prereq to Physiology and if a student with AP Chem credit should need an override for Physiology for some reason, they should contact Nick Wilbur in the Biology Dept.

Does DH accept transfer online anatomy/physiology classes?

As long as they transfer properly as our classes, yes.

Does Mat 1000 serve as a prereq to Chem 1110?

Yes. The catalog currently lists Mat 1010, but it has been confirmed with the Biology Dept that the following math classes will serve as prereqs: Mat 1000, Mat 1010, Mat 1030, Mat 1035, Mat 1050, and Mat 1055. The changes should be official starting Fall 2018.

If a student’s Engl 1010 is waived from their ACT, what do they take?

Students may use Engl 2010 in place of 1010 if they want. They can also take Engl 1010..

Will MATH 1100 or 1210 work in place of stats/college algebra?

Yes. As long as a class has the QL attribute and isn’t a Math for the Real World class, we accept it.

Does DH accept Ology for the math requirement?

Yes. Ology transfers as Math 1050 and is accepted by DH.

Are higher-level classes weighted differently than lower-level ones, and are classes weighed differently from different colleges?

No and no. If a student is taking Calc instead of Math 1040/50, it will be weighted the same even though it’s harder. All credits from other colleges will be weighted equally.

If a student took Biol 1010 initially and is now retaking it here or somewhere else, will DH accept the retake?

This will be decided on a case by case basis, depending on if students have already had anat./phys and if they need Biol 1610 for the prereq now. It will also depend on if students took anat./phys at UVU or not since many colleges only require 1010 as the prereq. DH will keep accepting 1010 or 1610 in the ranking process as long as Biology accepts it as the anat/phys prereq.

Does it matter if you have a high school diploma vs. a GED?

DH accepts either a high school diploma or the GED.

Student Resources

Does the DH program have any scholarships?

Yes, a few private scholarships are available. These are awarded by a scholarship committee within the college.

If a student is accepted to the DH program, can they defer their admission?

Students may not defer admissions once accepted to the DH program.