DGM Showcase Winners 2021

DGM Showcase Winners 2021

Still from Gold winner Anamnesis by Aaron Hurt


This year Digital Media is honoring student project winners in three medal areas of Gold, Bronze, and Silver. These winners will also receive Amazon gift cards and certificates. In addition, we are also honoring students who have received special recognition in the areas of screenwriting, and animation and game development. Again thank you to all the students and faculty who participated in this year's showcase.

Animation & Game Development Showcase Winners

GOLD - Brodinjer

Calysto Chastain, Kyle Hinckley, Jonathon Rogers, Skye Slade, and Rhett Wimmer


Outstanding Achievement


Kyle Lorenzen

Zooptopia Recreation

Stenchful Stand

SILVER - Dual-Stein

Brandon Jorgensen





Natalie Zollinger

1920 New Orleans

BRONZE - The Prison of the Forgotten

Michael Grodkowski





Rhett Wimmer


Keali’i Transfield

3D Model of a robotic battle suit machine

     3D Model of a Star Wars Tie Interceptor spaceship

Battle Mech                                                                                                                      Tie Interceptor



Digital Audio Showcase Winners

GOLD - "Wait and See"

Kerry Burnett

SILVER - "He's a Mad Man"

Sarah Runyan and Griffin Hall

BRONZE - "Dear Jonathan"

Ysabel Berger

Digital Cinema Production Showcase Winners

GOLD - Anamnesis

Aaron Hurt

SILVER - This Is How We Roll

Taylor Bybee

Digital Cinema Production Screenwriting Awards

UVU Outstanding Screenplay 2021

Pioneer Day

Samuel Holladay


Quantum Leap Award

Ten Years

Emmalie Pratt


Web Design & Development Showcase Winners

GOLD - Capitol Reef: Sleeping Rainbow Ranch AR

Scenic view of cliffs in Capitol Reef National Park with a road winding through the park

Josh Wilsher, Ben Perkins, Abby McPhail

and Tyson Omer

SILVER - Telehealth in America: Research Study

Title page of research study with names of authors and diagram of a mobile phone and medical icons coming from it's screen

Tressa Hopkinson, Sarah Callison

and Courtney Montrose