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Popular Equipment Checkouts

  • RED Digital Camera Kits with Lenses, Matte Boxes, and Follow Focuses
  • C-Stands
  • Kino Flo Lights

Using the Stage

I agree that I will clear out the studio at the end of my scheduled time prior to the next appointment/class. I am aware if I do not a fine will be assessed.

Equipment requests must be emailed to [email protected]

Portfolio Review Requirements

In order to take the upper division courses of the Digital Cinema Production (DCP) major you must have passed a Portfolio Review Process. The purpose of this process is to ensure you are ready and capable of succeeding in both the more rigorous academic environment as well as are prepared for professional work in the film industry. Read carefully the Portfolio Review Policy form below. For students hoping to be enrolled in upper-division classes by the following Fall, the first step is to apply using the application below by NOVEMBER 15th.

In March you will be contacted to sign up for an interview with one of the professors and will need to have an online portfolio ready to share. More information is available in the Portfolio Review Requirements document below.

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Portfolio Requirements

Portfolio Review Application


Senior Project Expectations

Each senior MUST complete two full semesters of the Senior Projects course. If you plan on graduating in December you should take Senior Projects II the Spring before you graduate (before you take Senior Projects I). A Senior Capstone Project reflects the education you have gained and the skill level you have achieved while at UVU. Artistically and technically it is expected to feel like professional work. This level of quality must be felt in all aspects: directing choices, casting, performance, cinematography, editing, production design, audio design, etc.  Our expectation is that your project is of high enough quality that we can submit it for a Student Academy Award, Student Emmy, or other International level student awards.

More information is provided during the senior capstone class. If you have any questions about senior capstone, please contact Jenny Mackenzie or Jerell Rosales.