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The Bachelor of Science in Animation and Game Development focuses on contemporary, industry-standard, and technology-oriented processes and procedures. There are two possible tracks within the degree: 2D animation and 3D animation and games. Both require a portfolio review to advance to upper division classes.

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2D Animation

120 Credits to Graduate

The 2D animation topic of study affords students the opportunity to gain skills that are essential in contemporary studios. The core disciplines of this program are character rigging, animation, and compositing. UVU’s Program was recognized as an Animation Center of Excellence by Toon Boom Inc. in March 2021.

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3D Animation & Games

120 Credits to Graduate

The 3D animation and games topic of study affords students the opportunity to gain essential skills used in industry today. The program focuses on modeling, scripting, and rigging. Students construct both individual and group titles.


UVU’s Animation and Game Development Program is part of a select group of colleges and universities (there are only 12 in the country right now) recognized as a center of excellence by Toon Boom.

“The COE designation is a public recognition that attests that a school’s animation program meets a high standard of depth, breadth, and quality. This qualification provides graduating students an advantage by being in high demand for world-recognized studio careers that value a deep knowledge of Toon Boom 2D animation software.”

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"Witnessing my ideas come to life is incredibly rewarding."

"I genuinely enjoy the program. Drawing has been a passion of mine throughout my entire life, so witnessing my ideas come to life is incredibly rewarding. There have been a few opportunities to pitch my own concepts and collaborate in a group, which is enjoyable — working alongside my classmates has been a great experience. Since transferring here based on the recommendation from BYU, I have met many like-minded creatives and continue to expand my network."

Brianna Lambert,Animation & Game Development Program

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"We're offering a curriculum that teaches the skills in greatest demand."

"We've come a long way in the last few years. Our 3D animation and game development component has been in place for years, but now we have another track, with an emphasis in contemporary 2D animation. This addition has appealed to more aesthetically minded students, but even 2D animation today has a strong technical component.

After much discussion with industry, we believe we're offering a curriculum that teaches the skills in greatest demand. Animation trends can be cyclical; we want our students to have options when they graduate. That's one of our goals."

Rodayne Esmay, Professor

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Conferences & Travel

Our students have the opportunity to participate in various conferences throughout the year to stay up to date in the animation and game development field. Conferences that students have attended include:

Game Developers Conference

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Immerse Global Summit

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Digital Animation and Games Association

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