The Digital Transformation Division Newsletter - August 2022

The Digital Transformation Division Newsletter - August 2022


The Half-Time Livestream has been going strong since Jan. 8, 2020, bringing everyone in Dx together for the chance to:
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To participate, tune in every Wednesday at 11:45 AM on the Half-Time Channel on the Dx Community team in Teams. It's 15 minutes you won't get back, but hopefully, you won't want them back!



The Dx Team Recognition Award is a way to recognize our colleagues in Dx for their hard work and accomplishments. Recognized during our Half-Time live-stream each Wednesday at 11:45 AM, a deserving nominee will also receive an award certificate and two movie vouchers. 

To nominate someone, fill out this form or navigate to the Dx Community team in Teams, enter the Half-Time channel, and select the Team Recognition tab from the top menu. Remember, nominations must be submitted by 5:00 PM on Tuesday to be eligible for the following Wednesday's Half-Time.


Have you seen a UVU staff member offering exceptional service or giving an exemplary performance? Remember to nominate them for the Wolverine Sighting Employee Recognition Award! The Wolverine Sighting Award is an employee recognition award sponsored by PACE. Nominees must be full- or part-time UVU staff employees, but there is no minimum requirement for years of employment and nominations are accepted year-round.


The UVU Goodwill Association sends get-well wishes to UVU employees with the primary goal of enhancing employee relations by maintaining a caring atmosphere at Utah Valley University. Membership dues are used to send floral baskets for a number of situations (extended hospital stays, bereavement, and more). 
Do you know any employees needing goodwill? Please refer them by following this link. For more information about joining UVU's Goodwill Association, check out their page.


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The Staff Fall Forum will be held in person this year at the UVU Ballroom on Tuesday, August 2, 2022, from 9:00 - 11:00 AM. This annual event is a time for all the UVU staff to come together, enjoy breakfast, and hear from the administration about upcoming initiatives and university goals. Full-time and part-time staff are welcome. 

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Spring and butterfly.

Second block finals will be held during the last day of class on Friday, August 12.
There is no Final Exam Preparation Day. 

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Faculty return to UVU on August 15, 2022.
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Classes begin again on Monday, August 22. 

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Faculty deadlines for passwordless are approaching. Opt in before August 19 for a free YubiKey. The deadline for the final switch is August 26.
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Helping Others Adapt to Change

Brett McKeachnie, Senior Director of Product Portfolio Management 


Here in Dx and at UVU, there are constant changes that impact our customers and us. Some of these changes are minor and easy to adapt to, while others are major and difficult to adapt to. Some individuals may feel uncomfortable with a change, while other individuals learn to adjust quickly. All changes can become opportunities for growth if navigated with the right approach.

Organizational Change Management

The Harvard Business School explains, "Organizational change refers to the actions in which a company or business alters a major component of its organization, such as its culture, the underlying technologies or infrastructure it uses to operate, or its internal processes. Organizational change management is the method of leveraging change to bring about a successful resolution…" 

Some changes are small and incremental, amounting only to minor modifications that address evolving needs; we could call these adaptive changes. Other changes can involve a simultaneous shift in mission and strategy, company or team structure, people and organizational performance, or business processes. In other words, they are very broad, complex, and transformational changes. Most of our changes fit somewhere in between those two extremes, and every situation is different.

Without good change management, changes can become more difficult than they have to be, leading to poor morale for everyone involved. As The Harvard Business School says, "Change management drives the successful adoption and usage of change within the business. It allows employees to understand and commit to the shift and work effectively during it." 

To create buy-in for a given change, every organization needs: 

  • A clearly-defined business purpose that aligns with strategy and describes why the change is critical. 
  • Roadmaps and change success metrics to help leaders manage the change.
  • Messages to inform employees, students, and administrators about how implemented changes will affect them. 

All of these needs can be facilitated through proper communication, which is one of the most important factors for successful change.


Dx has chosen the Prosci ADKAR Model to guide our change management efforts and our communications. "The word 'ADKAR' is an acronym for the five outcomes an individual needs to achieve for a change to be successful: Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability and Reinforcement." The five outcomes build upon each other. Our communications should help each individual affected by or involved in a change to achieve the ADKAR outcomes. Since there are five outcomes on the path, it's reasonable to send one communication or message per step. In other words, each person should receive AT LEAST five separate communications per change. 

In some cases, a given message must be communicated through more than one method in order to move an individual or group from one step to the next. For instance, in our recent change to passwordless authentication, many messages were sent to individuals who didn't accomplish the outcomes desired. Each message reiterated the need (Knowledge) a little differently and gave them clear guidance (Ability) to accomplish the goals. But well before all that, a campus-wide message was sent to inform people (Awareness) of the new passwordless capabilities we had at our disposal. Videos showing how easy login is with passwordless (Desire) were created and shared broadly. Our final communications on a change must then address the last ADKAR step: Reinforcement.

Call To Action

As you begin planning your projects, remember to identify the audience of people who will be affected by the changes. Consider the changes from their point of view. Use the ADKAR model as you consult with your supervisor about how best to help others through the change. Dx has many resources to reach your audiences. When in doubt, ask your supervisor for guidance. Let's create successful changes in our path of digital transformation at UVU! 


Academic Lifecycle of Associate-Seeking Students Enrolling Between 2011 and 2021

Stephanie Joy Smith, Institutional Research 

Retention and outcome measures are usually calculated as time series data that track specific cohorts of students based on when they first enroll. However, these data tell us little about students' academic journeys as they pursue a degree. 

The data used in the diagram below were looked at as sample data, helping to break down what students do once they enroll in a program. Though the sample was taken from a 10-year period, it represents a snapshot of the decade covered rather than a measure of overall academic achievement.

The sample represents students who enrolled in associate programs between 2011 and 2021 and is meant to help understand what checkpoints students pass on their way to a degree within the 10-year period. 

Not all students were enrolled for the entire 10-year period; some may still be enrolled. Those seeking associate degrees who first enrolled outside the sampling time frame are not included in the counts.

A visualization of data



The following positions are available in Dx. Be sure to watch for upcoming opportunities in Dx. 
Is there an opening in your division or department that needs to be filled? Be sure to get it approved according to the Temporary Human Resources Guidelines. Once the position is open, get the word out by submitting it to Caitlin Tobler for next month’s newsletter.


The following individual(s) have been recently hired, promoted, or changed positions in Dx:

  • Peter Beard, Web & Mobile Engineer II
  • Eddie Martin Del Campo, Support Technician III 

Be sure to give them your congratulations and support!