Teams Voice Telephony

Teams Voice Telephony

Teams Voice Telephony

Voice Communication
Whether working on campus or remotely, faculty and staff will enjoy a modern voice communication system with integrated collaboration tools. Dx will replace our current phone system with voice communication through MS Teams. This will allow placing and receiving phone calls via any device that runs MS Teams (laptop, desktop, smartphone, or tablet) from anywhere with internet connectivity as if placed or received on campus.
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Rollout Schedule

  • We have completed our individual extension migration.  We are working on new or extension changes in January.
  • Next steps will be finalizing calling trees, call queues, and distributing Teams enabled desktop phones.  This will start in January.  Individual communication will be coming to coordinate all future changes.
  • Teams enabled desktop phones will be charged an additional monthly license fee of $5 per device.
  • COMPLETED: Initial rollout will be in the following order*. Estimated transition is for planning purposes and may change as needed. Any changes will be updated here. 

    Division Estimated Transition

    Community Outreach  (CET, Wasatch, Concurrent Enrollment, etc.)


    Office of the President  (President's Suite, Marketing/Communications)

    Digital Transformation


    Administration & Strategic Relations  (Facilities, Athletics, Emergency Services, etc.)


    Academics  (OTL, Distance Learning, etc.)


    Planning, Budget and Finance


    People & Culture




    University College




    School of Business




    School of Arts


    College of Science


    School of Education




    Student Life


    *This rollout plan is subject to change. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Microsoft Teams Calls and Devices: Basics

  • Get started with Teams phones

  • What is going to happen to the Alcatel phones?

    Alcatel phones are not compatible with Teams Voice and will have to be replaced. For those situations that require a desktop phone, for example a front desk, desktop phones have been ordered but shipping delays are an issue. Desktop phones also require additional licensing fees ($5 per month).

  • Do I have to use UVU supplied headsets for Teams Voice?

    UVU has allocated funds for headsets and USB Bluetooth adapters for users assigned a UVU phone number. We will provide Aftershokz Aeropex Headsets for use with Microsoft Teams Voice. But any headset that will connect to the computer will function for Teams Voice.  Any alternate or additional headset will be the responsibility of the department or user to provide.

  • How do we make sure that the phones are always answered by a live person?

    To make sure that calls are always answered, if you just need to step away from your desk for a few minutes, or go on vacation, there are two ways to make sure calls will go to someone in the office: Call Groups and Call Delegation.

    Before your system is migrated, area technicians and/or system administrators will come to discuss how your office wants to handle how calls are routed through your department. This can be changed at any time.

    How to set up a delegate to answer or make calls in Microsoft Teams:

    Microsoft Teams: How to Create Call Groups:

  • What if a computer malfunctions how would part-time workers receive calls?

    For front desk situations a desktop phone would be recommended. The person could also log into another computer or tablet with Teams installed and answer calls on that device.  

  • We use Call Queues, Shared Lines and Call Trees, what will happen to them?

    System Administration will be setting up call queues, shared lines, and call trees so they match the existing Alcatel system.

    Calls coming from call queues and shared lines will have a banner so the recipient will know where the call is coming from.

  • Calls out on headsets are silent ringing.

    The is a glitch on Microsoft’s side that they are working on. The screen will show the call is ringing. If using microphone and speakers built-in or connected to the computer, the call will ring normally.

  • How do we block callers?

    Teams Voice can block callers. For further instructions, see Block Callers - Microsoft Teams Tip Tuesday.

  • How much does a new extension cost?

    $125 per extension.

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