Brett McKeachnie

Brett McKeachnie

Sr. Director - Product Portfolio Management

Office: BA-002H

Phone: 801-863-8940

Mailstop: 130

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Brett McKeachnie serves UVU as the Sr. Director of Product Portfolio Management in the Digital Transformation Division. In 2020, he served as Interim Associate Vice President for Information Technology from January through July. Since 1993, his work has improved the learning and working environment for UVU students and employees. Brett was involved in development of the first mission statement and core values for the newly minted University. As an adjunct instructor in the IS&T department, he improves his perspective of the importance of what UVU does in educating students. In addition to participation in many University committees and task forces, he served as president of the PACE Staff Association and the Utah Higher Education Staff Association (UHESA) simultaneously. Through his hard work and service, Brett has earned the respect of University administration.
* Capable leader with more than 30 years IT experience using technology to meet business needs and improving organizational processes through communication, team building, creativity, and hard work.
* Passionate advocate for smart organizational change through adoption of best practices, continual process improvement, driving engagement with a compelling vision, and updating to the right new technologies and strategies.
* Approachable and knowledgeable, leveraging more than 30 years at UVU building relationships of trust with leaders, employees, and students across the institution, the community, the state, and the nation.
* Efficient and effective administrator, communicating with clarity, timely completing administrative tasks with precision, and creating and supporting a culture of professionalism, accountability, and teamwork.
* Committed and service-oriented employee; working and living by UVU's values, principles, and mission; showing loyalty, trustworthiness, and honesty; and always learning to be better every day.

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