Training Development


Performance. Engagement. Learner-centered

Quality instruction is about starting with the end user in mind. What do you need them to be able to do? This is the question that drives our instructional design process as we work with our clients to create performance-based training solutions.

People. We put the learner and client first. Providing training is about listening to you, the client. What do you need? What are your successes? And where can we help build upon your successes? We start with a conversation and analysis that identifies the best possible solutions to meet your unique needs.

What we offer our clients

  • Project Management
  • Training that provides measurable results
  • Consistent, standardized training
  • Increased flexibility
  • Decreased training costs
  • Rapid training development
  • Engaging, media-rich training content
  • Cultural awareness and change

Training Developers hard at work

Training should make an impact. What do your employees need to be able to do to have an impact within your organization? We'll work with you to create performance outcomes upon which training solutions will be based.

Design & Development
Experience. With the results of the analysis, we design learning events that develop experience. We strive to cultivate a positive user experience that engages and motivates learners. Training becomes an enjoyable pathway to something meaningful – job performance. We create instructional activities that develop employee experience, allowing employees to practice real-life or simulated tasks they’ll actually perform on the job. Finally, we foster the client experience, collaborating with subject matter experts, project managers, and other key stakeholders to make sure we continue to meet client needs throughout the process.

Throughout the design process, we will work with your team to create blueprints, storyboards, scripts, and other design documents. We’ll use rapid prototypes and versioning to ensure we implement critical client and user feedback into the finished instructional products.

Delivery & Support
Success. We want you to be successful. As necessary and within the scope of work, we will continue our conversation to be sure you’re satisfied. We’ll stand with you during initial and ongoing training delivery--providing instructional, logistical, and technical support to ensure learners are having a great experience and your training initiatives are a success!