FAA Office of the Associate Administrator for Airports


The Office of the Associate Administrator for Airports (ARP) promotes the safe use and development of our nation’s system of airports. As a relatively small organization of approximately 600 personnel, the ARP has few people in a large number of technical occupations. In some cases, new employees must utilize dated training to become proficient, facing steep learning curves as they perform job tasks. In other cases, new employees learn to perform job tasks independently, through self-guided access to regulations and past communications. This, combined with regional nuances, has affected training consistency. The ARP offices we’ve worked with - the Office of Airport Planning and Programming, Office of Airport Safety and Standards, and the Office of Airport Compliance and Management Analysis—needed an updated, flexible training solution that would improve consistency in job performance and operations.



We conducted job task, needs, and gap analyses for several of functional areas within ARP. Using the results of the analyses, we’ve worked to develop or redevelop courses to meet the agency’s training needs. Training solutions have been and continue to be tailored to each occupation and use a combination of eLearning, OJT, and job aids to make sure content is up-to-date, relevant, and flexible. The client has been enthusiastic with the results and eager to continue updating its training offerings to improve consistency and job performance. A transition from face-to-face classroom-based instruction is often met with resistance and complaint. We’ve worked with the client to improve buy-in, create culture change, and promote a successful transition.


  • Task and Skills Analyses (TASA) for Airport Certification Safety Inspectors, Engineers, Compliance Specialists, Community Planners, and Program Analysts.
  • Gap and Needs analyses for the Safety, Compliance, Engineering, Planning, and Financial Assistance Divisions.
  • ACSI Procedures blended training course, prepares Airport Certification Safety Inspectors to receive credentials and perform safety inspections at our nation’s Part 139 airports.
  • Compliance Specialist blended training course, prepares personnel to perform tasks in order to verify compliance with FAA grant assurances and other obligations.
  • iOE/AAA Workshop and OJT training package, teaches participants how to perform aeronautical studies using the iOE/AAA web application.

Key Deliverables

  • ACSI TASA Report, Gap and Needs Analysis, and Training Development Plan
  • Compliance Specialist TASA Report, Gap and Needs Analysis, and Training Development Plan
  • Engineering TASA Report, Gap and Needs Analysis, and Training Development Plan
  • Financial/Program Analyst TASA Report
  • Planning TASA Report
  • 45+ instructional videos, including live demonstration and 2D/3D animations, totaling over 4 1/2 hours
  • Over 100 computer-mediated instructional modules (inclusive of modules, sub-modules, or lessons)
  • Dozens of interactive exercises and cognitive assessments
  • OJT package materials