Constitutional Studies


UVU’s Center for Constitutional Studies is a nonpartisan academic institute promoting the instruction, study, and research of constitutionalism. They were tasked by the Utah State Legislature’s Commission on Federalism tasked the Center to provide timely and relevant nonpartisan curriculum on the basic principles of federalism. The target audience is the Utah State Bar Continuing Legal Education Department, state and local leaders, and citizens. In additional to the deliverables, the Center and Commission needed a way to present the material and, as needed, appropriate assessment for continuing legal education (CLE) credit.



In conjunction with the Center’s Principles of Federalism conference, we conducted video interviews with a number of the top experts on federalism and constitutional studies in the country. Our video producer collaborated with The Center for Constitutional Studies to produce a series of 6 high-quality videos as Phase 1 of this project. We presented this course in a Massive Open Online Course (MOOC)-style learning management system in which students and other audiences can self-enroll.


  • Produced video training defining and outlining the basic principles of federalism; providing context in terms of federalism and the US Constitution, federalism and the administrative state; and addressing current issues in the context of federalism.
  • Made the curriculum accessible via Canvas to the various sponsors and stakeholders, CLE students, and state and local leaders whose understanding of federalism can provide guidance in the carrying out of their respective duties.

Key Deliverables

  • 6 high quality interview-style videos
  • A MOOC-style LMS course open to a number of users

Based on the overwhelming response to Phase 1, we are now beginning Phase 2.

Constitutional Studies Federalism