Utah Fire and Rescue Academy


Utah Fire and Rescue Academy (UFRA) provides training and certification for firefighters and emergency services personnel throughout the state of Utah. As a primary provider for rural firefighters and a significant training resource for metropolitan firefighters, the academy has a diverse audience. Many of the state’s rural firefighters work to balance full-time jobs, family, and other responsibilities with their service as volunteer firefighters. Career firefighters juggle additional training and teaching with family and other responsibilities around shift work. Access to and time available for training is limited; however, all firefighters must train in accordance with state, national and international fire codes and standards. UFRA needed a flexible training solution to provide quality training for career, volunteer, and rural firefighters.




Our team has worked with UFRA to identify high-impact, high-priority courses and transition them into blended learning solutions. After assessing the needs for each course and working with subject matter experts, our designers laid out a blueprint to maximize both virtual and in-person instruction. With high-fidelity training videos, interactive assessments, and in-person practice exercises, we've been able to maintain and improve the quality of training and take it to firefighters in their own communities. These courses have proved to be a critical for all firefighters throughout the state.


  • Hazmat Awareness and Hazmat Ops Courses, a collection of online courseware and resources used to prepare and augment existing direct delivery training.
  • Emergency Apparatus Driving Simulator Training, a series of videos to be used in connection with two mobile emergency driving simulation devices. The videos prepare firefighters to use the simulator and apply principles of safe driving to simulated and real-life situations.
  • Company Officer-Inspector Course, a blended course designed to prepare firefighters to perform fire prevention safety inspections.
  • Fire Behavior-Flashover Training, a series of training videos to be used in connection with mobile live-fire training. The videos prepare firefighters to recognize and appropriately take action when faced with extremely dangerous flashover conditions.

Key Deliverables

  • 30+ training videos offering over three hours of instruction
  • 6 virtual interactive activities
  • Dozens of assessments including quizzes, short answer assessments, and a discussion forum
  • 1 completed and 2 in progress training updates to existing training
  • 2 completed course creations