Fundraising Ideas

  • Start now: Study Abroad program fees for summer programs are usually charged in February and can be extended with a payment plan until May. Start saving once you have made the commitment to study abroad so that you can pay your program fees, buy your flight, and pay tuition for the program courses. 
  • Financial Aid: Talk to the Study Abroad Advisor ([email protected]) about filling out a Study Abroad Financial Aid Budget Sheet. You can take this budget sheet to the UVU office of Financial Aid & Scholarships to see if you are able to apply grants and/or loans to your study abroad program
  • Scholarships: Check out the scholarships available to UVU students to study abroad. Apply to other scholarships available to UVU students so that you can save your money for study abroad instead of paying UVU tuition.
  • Ask: Write letters, emails, and/or social media posts to friends, relatives, family friends, acquaintances and others who might be interested in supporting you to ask for study abroad funds. Let those who might normally be giving you gifts for birthday or holiday know that you would like money (or donated frequent flier points) that you can use for study abroad instead of a tangible gift. You may want to use crowdsourcing sites for this, such as,,, etc. Check with your employer, place of worship, alumni association, or other organizations that you may be affiliated with to see if they are able to assist you.
  • Side Gig: Get a part-time or seasonal job for some extra money to use for your study abroad.
  • Frugality: Sell your stuff at a yard sale or on Craigslist or  Sell your car. It costs about $30/week to fill up a tank of gas, $50/month to insure your car, and an oil change/maintanence costs add up quickly. Try living without a car if you can for a couple of years. Be frugal. Pack your own lunches, ride the bus (UVU students can ride on UTA for free), skip the morning coffee/juice, get rid of your cable subscription, and quit buying unneccary things online. You are more likely to remember your study abroad experience in ten years than you are to remember the stuff you had when you where in college.
  • Invest: Understand the costs of study abroad as an investment in your education and worldview rather than as the cost of a vacation. The insights you gain from studying abroad will impact the rest of your life.