The International Security and Intelligence Programme 2021 

The International Security and Intelligence Programme (ISI) will take place virtually between 4th-31st July 2021. 

A diverse programme of lectures, seminars and supervisions will be hosted online and all students will have access to a bespoke learning platform designed by the ISI Operations Team and Academics.

For additional information on the Application process for ISI 2021 please click here.

For this highly competitive and prestigious program, students are required to have a GPA of 3.2 to be considered, and a GPA of 3.5 is recommended. Being accepted into this program is a great honor, but be aware that the coursework offered is very rigorous. You will be held to a standard higher than you may be accustomed to at UVU. You will be responsible to complete all course material and assignments by the dates this program sets. Only students who are serious about this program need apply.

Please read the following information about the UVU application process before reading anything else.

UVU application process

Initial meeting

All students who wish to participate in the International Security and Intelligence Programme (ISI) (regardless of your financial aid status):
1. Contact  Dr. Greg Jackson ( and speak with him about your suitability for this program.
2. Based on his recommendation, apply to the ISI program. 


Office of Education Abroad documentation
If you are a good fit for the program, Dr. Jackson will advise you to contact Paige Myers in LA 111h ( so that she can advise you on the Office for Education Abroad's pre-travel documentation and process:


  1. Complete the Study Abroad Program Application form. Choose Cambridge International Summer Program from the drop-down menu.
  2. Complete the Advanced Credit Approval Sheet, available from the Office of Education Abroad. This form needs to be completed before you start the program. 
  3. Once all necessary paperwork has been completed, continue with the ISI application.


Cost of program (Fees)

This program costs £2,400  British Pounds. Paid directely to the Cambridge ISI program.


Financial aid

Financial Aid is not available for this program.


After the program

A few weeks after you completed the program, UVU will receive the transcript for the courses you have taken during the ISI. Based on the transcript and the Advanced Credit Approval Form, you will receive credits for the courses you have passed.


Questions should be directed to Dr. Gregory Jackson, assistant professor of Integrated Studies,