Study Abroad at UVU for Non-UVU Students

Each student going on UVU summer Study Abroad programs must be a current UVU student during the spring semester prior to the Study Abroad program and be eligible to take classes at UVU during the summer semester of the Study Abroad program.

If you are a non-UVU student (e.g., a student from another university, graduated UVU student*, or community member) you will need to apply to UVU as a non-degree-seeking student for the second block of the spring semester before you can apply to study abroad.

To apply as a UVU non-degree-seeking student for Study Abroad purposes:

  1. To apply as a UVU non-degree seeking student go to the UVU Admissions website.
  2. Create an account and provide UVU with acceptance materials.
  3. For summer semester Study Abroad programs, make sure that you are applying to the second block of the Spring semester.**
  4. You will be given a UVID once you are accepted as a non-degree-seeking student for the second block of the Spring semester.
  5. Use your UVID to apply to a study abroad program of your choice. Find them here.

*Students who graduate in the spring but want to take a Study Abroad course during the summer will need to coordinate with the Graduation Office to make sure you are still eligible to take classes as a non-degree-seeking student in the summer.

**All summer Study Abroad students will be registered for a non-credit orientation course at UVU during the second block of the spring semester. There are no extra tuition or program fee costs for this course. View the admission deadlines here.